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Photo by Rick Robinson
Photo by Rick Robinson

As one of the newest stores to hit Solana Beach, Fowlers puts a unique twist on the typical boutique or surf shop. In fact, it’s the perfect mesh of both, with an edge. Whether you’re into urban wear, surf style, or a fashionista at heart, this store has a little something for everyone.

Located off the 101 Coast Highway between Del Mar and Solana Beach, Fowlers has a studio feel and employees that are actually… nice? Which is a rarety these days in most fashion forward stores.

Original art can be seen on the walls and customers can view surf, skate, snowboard, and art videos on the plasma TV, with its killer sound system. For those not in the mood to just “watch”, video games are also available if you’re in need of a little competition (perfect for you boys … or girls … who grow tired while your significant other is in the changing room for what seems to be hours). And that’s the best part! Unlike most stores in the area, Fowlers offers hip styles for both genders, so no one has to leave empty handed at the end of a spree.

Fowlers offers accessories galore with eyewear from the likes of Raen Optics and Sabre and Soda. If you’re in the market for a schnazzy watch to adorn your wrist, browse the Vestal Watches conviently displayed at the front of the store. As a lover of hats, the Brixtons instantly drew my attention.

And what would an art inspired store be without some hot kicks to hit the town in? Fowlers features exclusive sneaker lines from DC Lifestyle, Zoo York, MacBeth, Sanuk, and more. I gotta say, I’m not much of a “sneaker” gal, but hightops in neons and gold? No child of the eighties can resist. The best part? More sneaker lines enter the store all the time, so if you don’t initially find shoes that suit your fancy, you’re sure to find the perfect pair on your second attempt.

Have I mentioned Fowlers featured clothing lines yet? From the somewhat preppy, yet classic, Penguin, to Alphanumeric, and Tosh Kaden, the clothing at Fowlers will pretty much have you breaking the bank, yet you’ll feel little to no guilt doing so (I speak from experience. My William Rast jean shorts purchased at Fowlers made my old jean buys at Abercrombie & Fitch seem like bargains, but … they are definitely worth it).

If you’re looking for some late summer steals or fine fall fashions, Fowlers has must-have threads and artist inspired gear that’s well worth the price. The store even serves as the space for their beach casual parties and noteworthy events, which are typically at various times throughout each month. So hop into Folwers to wear and be part of the hype.

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