To-do list for the end of the year, advice from Steve Sexton

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 “Winning In Life” is the radio show hosted by financial advisor Steve Sexton. Steve is the President of Sexton Advisory Group. Each week on the show, he provides his listeners with exclusive advice in financial planning and he also invites guest speakers to talk about other important topics ranging from health and charity, to travel and business.  Tune in every Sunday morning at 9:00 on KCBQ 1170 AM to hear the show live.

On last week’s show, Steve invited Don Wells, the Executive Director of Just in Time for Foster Youth, to share about the charity and what they do. This week Steve reminded listeners of this charity, a charity that provides basic services for foster kids who become emancipated once they turn 18. For more information on how you can help, check out their website.

Steve discussed the issue about tobacco companies losing part of their settlement, thus having to make commercials that openly acknowledge their past dishonesty about the dangers of smoking. Another hot topic discussed was that many companies are offering a special dividend payment because dividends are currently only being taxed at 15%. Costco is offering a special dividend of $7 per share so you can possibly get a $700,000 dividend.

As 2012 is coming to an end, Steve went over a 7 point to-do list.

  1. Get prepared for the new tax reporting changes because it is changing to a cost based report. Give the Sexton Advisory Group a call today if you need help with these changes.
  2. Think about IRA because when you put money into them it is great because it is tax-deferred. However, when you take it out, you get taxed.
  3. Turn your losses into potential tax savings. Ask your financial advisor about the tax harvesting strategy.
  4. Explore the tax advantage of a 529 plan.
  5. Rebalance your portfolio to keep it in good health.
  6. Donate to a charity and do it before the New Year so that you may be able to write off all your 2012 taxes
  7. Take your required minimum distribution because once you become 70 and a half year old, the IRS requires you to start taking out some of the funds.

As always Steve closes off his radio show with a lasting statement, “smart financial decisions do impact the quality of your life” and this week he added, “so make good judgment calls when buying those Christmas gifts.”

Be sure to tune in every Sunday on KCBQ 1170 at 9:00 AM for “Winning in Life with Steve Sexton.” If you have any questions, feel free to submit your questions here at Winning In Life Radio and Steve may answer them live on the show. Also follow updates on the show at

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