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Join Steve Sexton, the San Diego Entertainer’s trusted financial advisor, for this week’s financial tip. Steve Sexton of the Sexton Advisory Group is one of the premier professionals in the financial industry and will offer continued weekly tips for our readers.

This week’s tip relates to risk. If you have a retirement account, IRA or 401K, you must understand that as you get older your risk comfort levels will change. As time passes and the market changes, you must adjust your risk level to ensure you have a large enough nest egg to keep your retirement plans funded.

Steve explains how a proper risk assessment can help you determine your financial needs based on your age and comfort level. By properly understanding the market, your retirement goals, and how taxes can affect you, you can be sure you’ll have the financial backing to fund your retirement.

It’s important to note that market crashes happen every five years, and have done so since 1917. Taking this into account, you should focus your investments more towards distribution and protection as you near retirement.

A financial advisor can help you ensure your investments are safe from drastic market fluctuations. Make sure your savings are working for you — watch this video to learn more.

And remember, you can catch Steve every week on E&L TV, on San Diego Channel 4 at 11:00pm.

The Entertainer & Lifestyles Magazine has partnered with a top local financial expert to provide ongoing financial advisories. As part of the Entertainer’s continued commitment to San Diego’s financial wellbeing, Steve Sexton will continue to contribute and provide financial advice to our readers. Learn more about Steve Sexton on the Entertainer or tune in next week for another tip.

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