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This week’s episode of “Winning in Life,” a radio show featuring President of Sexton Advisory Group and Director of the Financial Knowledge Institute, Steve Sexton aired Sunday morning at 9:00 on KBCQ 1170 AM. The show is specifically designed to help its viewers live as successful as possible in all areas of life. While Sexton is an financial advisor expert, his advice and the topic of the show is not limited to financial advice and affairs, rather the topics covered on the show range from financial advice, health issues, current events, to travel tips and inspirational people.

This episode did not fail to meet these expectations covering breaking news in the financial world, a new culinary avenue for Taco Bell, and he interviewed Valerie Gersch a natural doctor and a holistic healer. You can hear this episode, and any you may have missed, at Sexton’s website,

Steve started his episode talking about the financial crisis in Europe, particularly in Spain, where they suffered from a loss of credit in their centralized bank. The European Central bank also left interest rates unchanged.

He then lightheartedly discussed a new culinary avenue for Taco Bell.  Sexton’s explains that they have moved beyond the “cheap late night food we all loved in college” and are going to start offering gourmet options; they hired professional TV chef Lorena Garcia, to develop a new menu for the restaurant, allowing them to compete with restaurants like Chipotle or McDonald’s.

Like previous episodes Sexton had a special guest, this episode featured Valerie Gersch. Gersch is a natural doctor, holistic healer, author of Heal the Cause!: Creating Wellness– Body, Mind & Spirit and founder of Kalos Ministries. She tells Sexton, that people what to, and should take responsibility for their health. Rather than simply listening to doctors, users should look at their own actions and diets to understand the origins what causes one’s health problems. In her work she wants to focus on what an individual’s unique body wants and needs. They use a ten priority system to trace any issues that a patient may have to its origins, either because of emotional and mental issues or because of an unhealthy diet. Her overall goal is to empower people to take care of themselves, so that they understand how to get rid of fears of cancer, diabetes and other disease. To understand the causes of these disease and what they can do to prevent them.

Sexton finished this week’s episode by discussing an upcoming workshop he will be hosting at the Courtyard Marriott in Mission Valley on June 19 – 21, entitled:  “Learn How You Can Survive (And Thrive!) In Today’s Topsy-Turvy Markets.”  Steve’s goal, with this workshop and with the radio show is to inform listeners by providing useful information and advice that we call use to make our lives better. Be sure to listen to his show every Sunday at 9:00 on KBCQ 1170 AM or stream it online at  If you have a question you want to pose to Steve, you can also submit them on his website.

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