Drones Set to Transform Our Economy For the Better

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Drone technology has been around for years, but they are expected to make a huge impact in our economy. Their uses include photography, real estate, energy firms, mapping, and even delivery services. Drone regulations vary from city to city, as the government is still trying to find a balance between ethical and recreational drone use. 

A basic drone for personal use is fairly affordable and less regulated. Yet more advanced drones operated by businesses and organizations pose a serious threat to the safety of air traffic. Because of this, the Department of Transportation now requires these types of drones to be registered. Additionally, there are strict rules regarding operating drones in public spaces and restricted airspace. The U.S. commercial drone sector is projected to generate billions of dollars in revenue by the year 2025, but that number might grow even larger due to technological advances in drone operations.drone

Currently, drones have unlocked a newfound medium for creativity, transforming the way content curators are producing videos. Drones have allowed creators to gain an entirely new vantage point of practically anywhere in the world. It has reduced the cost of shooting aerial footage, making it fast, convenient, and easily accessible. By combining the incredible drone aerial footage with new virtual reality technology, VR experiences are taken to the next level. 

With Amazon being at the forefront of operating a drone delivery service, on-demand delivery is becoming more prevalent in our constraint 24-hour delivery economy. Drones could potentially allow companies to deliver products within an hour of purchase. Amazon currently is testing out their Prime Air service, which offers 30-minute delivery on some of their products. This has brought forth a slew of problems regarding federal regulations and air traffic, but the concept works, and is currently used by many to get their products purchased as quickly as possible. Some California hotels now offer drone delivery to their guests for small items like champagne and snacks. A flower shop in the UK has even started making flower deliveries using drones.

While there are several ways drones will have a positive affect on our economy, there are also some downsides to the technology. Amazon’s Prime Air drones utilize a camera and GPS to navigate the skies for delivery. While this is necessary for them to accurately get to their destinations, some find the drone footage to be an invasion of privacy. Drone delivery services also face liability problems taken on by companies for damaged or stolen property. Despite this, drones will become a technology that will only become further implemented in our daily lives as time progresses.

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