Reminder: Daylight Saving Time Starts March 12th

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Sunday, March 12th, marks the start of daylight saving time this year. In just a few days we will be moving our clocks forward, bringing back the glory of long days. One of the best parts about summer is enjoying extended amounts of sunshine, and in a week we get to start the journey to summer.

How to take advantage:

Life After Work

We all know the drag of driving home from work in the dark, wondering where our day went. Wasn’t it dark when I left for work this morning? But with ‘Spring Forward’, we get an extra hour of sunshine in the afternoon, giving us one more reason to smile as we drive away from the office and to the rest of our evening. In the winter it can be difficult to find motivation to go out after a long day, but somehow in the spring we feel more alive. Take advantage of the sun-filled energy, and find a way of exploring after work. Whether you go on a bike ride along Mission Bay, or plan a picnic in Balboa Park, spend some time out in the sun and let your work worries drift away.

Naturally Lit Streets

Studies have shown that Daylight Saving Time contributes to safer streets. With more hours of daylight during some of the most trafficked times of the day, accidents decrease, bringing ease to your commute. Enjoy some of the perks of lighter traffic and happier drivers.

Happy Hour Sunsets 

Throughout March, sunset lands right before 6PM, giving you the opportunity to enjoy happy hour in your favorite sunset-facing restaurant. Head to Wonderland in Ocean Beach and enjoy a Sunset Toast, complimentary to all guests who are sitting at the bar during sunset.  Grab a few appetizers and drinks and sit awhile, offering gratitude for another sunshiny day.

Lower Energy Bills

Because the sun is shining its face later in the day, the natural light fills our houses, leaving less need for the use of electricity. Treat yourself with an extra coffee out in the months to come, with lower energy bills that will save you a couple of bucks. Hey, every bit counts, right?

Don’t forget to turn your clocks forward on Sunday, March 12th, and enjoy the beauty of San Diego sunshine. Hello spring!

Katrina is an OBcean that spends her time drinking quality coffee and engaging in the community that she lives in.


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