10 Best Travel Gadgets for 2020

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Whether it be for business or pleasure, we are traveling constantly in today’s world. Technology has come such a long way in getting us where we need to be quickly. But still, even with planes, ridesharing, and trains, traveling can get stressful. And of course, the means of which you travel is not always the most comfortable for long periods of time. To make your travels a breeze, these are the cool must-have gadgets you need for traveling in 2020.

Jetpack MiFi 8800L – $199.99

While it is a little on the pricey side, this little gizmo will ensure that you’ll never have to worry about a lack of coverage for your devices. The Jetpack will allow for up to 15 devices to connect to your own personal network.

Tile Mate – $15.98 

If you’re constantly misplacing things, you probably don’t want that to happen while traveling. The Tile Mate is a tiny Bluetooth tracker that will help you keep tabs on your belongings so you never leave anything behind. Simply attach the slim keychain to your keys, insert it into your wallet, or throw it in your laptop or iPad case. The device connects to your phone and allows you to ‘call’ it using the app. You can also use the device to call your phone.

Evolution S3 Travel Pillow – $39.99

Let’s face it, traveling can be uncomfortable at times, especially during those long flights where all you want to do is catch a few hours of sleep. This travel pillow is plenty comfy and comes with straps that attach to the airplane’s seat so your head doesn’t fall sideways.

COOLIFE Luggage  – $$59.99-$89.99

This colorful line of carry-on luggage is both rugged and stylish and features some neat features. It has lithium-ion batteries allowing you to charge your phone on-the-go and a lightweight, durable polycarbonate shell.

PowerCore 20100 Power Bank – $38.24

There’s nothing worse than your device running out of juice when you need it. Make sure you pack one of these Power Banks with you during your travels so you’re never far from a quick charge. This portable charger can charge a smartphone almost 7 times, depending on the device.

Bestek Universal Travel Adapter – $36.99

This travel-adapter allows you to charge all your devices no matter the plug, as it is interchangeable with plug-systems on every continent.

COWIN E7 Noise Cancelling Headphones – $59.99

Noise-canceling headphones are an absolute must for any plane ride. Whether it be for drowning out the sounds of the inevitable baby crying or just the humming of the plane’s engines, these headphones will give you the peace and quiet you deserve.

The Finalstraw – $24.95 

A foldable and compact reusable straw built with durability and convenience in mind is a great thing to have for the eco-conscious individual. Traveling involves a lot of eating out, so take the Finalstraw with help reduce single-use plastic.

Portable Foot Hammock – $14.95 

Perfect for the frequent international traveler, this Foot Hammock will have you feeling like you’re flying first class while in coach.

Grayl Ultralight Water Purifying Bottle – $69.95 

Staying hydrated is a must while traveling and it’s important to make sure the water you drink is safe. This Purifying Water Bottle will do both of those things while reducing single-use drinking cups while traveling.

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