Best Fitness Classes and Where to Find Them

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At times, it’s difficult to even remember what you ate for breakfast or your sibling’s birthday because of amassed stress attributed to work, school, and relationships. So, amidst an overly busy agenda starting at 8 am (or earlier) and ending at 9 pm (or later), it is understandable that going for a run or attending a workout class did not rise to the top of the to-do list. However, believe it or not, trying out various fitness classes might be a useful coping mechanism to decrease stress. SD Entertainer has found some of the best fitness classes available in San Diego for you to try out. Now, all you have to do is give one (or all) a try!

Best Fitness Classes Available in San Diego

Spinning Classes

Spark Cycle

Take a seat on a stationary bike, diligently listen to directional advice from your upbeat instructor, and pedal as fast as you can for this indoor cycling, or “spin” class. After taking a class at Spark Cycle in La Jolla, it is estimated that riders lose up to 600-900 calories even though the class is only 45 minutes long. SparkCycle offers top-of-the line Schwinn bikes, QSC audio system, LED lighting, stadium risers for a perfect view, showers for after your workout, free validated garage parking, and passionate instructors. If you don’t want to commit to the all included membership, you can try your first class out for $10.

Yoga Classes

Core Power

At Core Power, members believe that this workout class not only transforms your body, but also transforms your everyday life mindset. Inside the studio, yogis are pushed far outside of their comfort zone and consequently, leaving the yoga studio more secure in themselves than when they walked in. Core Power offers a free week at the multiple locations scattered around San Diego if you’re interested in testing out the waters before buying a membership. Note, there are many types of classes – “Core Power 1,” “Core Power 2,” and “Sculpt” are a few- that differ in levels. If you haven’t tried out yoga before, it is recommended you try “C1” before a “C2” or Sculpt class. Core Power 1 is a class for beginner yogis and Core Power 2 is more advanced. Sculpt, on the other hand, is a high intensity weight training workout where muscle meets yoga and metabolism boosts.

Zumba Classes

Party Fitness Studio

Ninfa Skezas, the  Zumba Instructor/ Owner of the Party Fitness Studio in the San Diego area is of South American descent, and incorporates international culture into classes. Zumba classes include Merengue, Salsa, Chacha, Cumbia, Belly Dance, Flamenco, Reggaeton, Hip Hop and more. At Party Fitness, diverse members of all ages engage in these various dance moves while having a blast and enduring a high-energy cardiovascular workout. Party Fitness offers classes like “Zumba Toning,” which emphasizes toning and sculpting and other classes like “Partyology” which emphasizes latin dance. The first-time-specials are either five classes for $30 or an unlimited month for $49. 

Pilates Classes

Club Pilates

Club Pilates‘ mantra commends pilates is the path to a fuller, richer, healthier and more satisfying life. Focusing on the functionality of flexibility and strength, Club Pilates classes prepare members to transcend motivation in class out into everyday life. Classes entail “Cardio Sculpt,” “Barre/Reformer Fusion,” “Bootcamp,” and “Stretch.” Moreover, there is a class called, “CP Teen,” which is specifically directed at athletic teenagers seeking to enhance their skills in their competitive sport. Schedule your first free intro class today at one of the many locations, such as Mission Valley, and see your body transformation first hand.

Barre Classes

Studio Barre

Located in Bird Rock, Carmel Valley, Mission Hills, and Encinitas, Studio Barre is all over San Diego and gains popularity each day due to it’s killer workout and positive effects. Barre is focused on building core strength, improving posture and developing long and lean muscles. former professional dancer, barre enthusiast, and fitness expert Shannon Higgins founded Studio Barre in 2012. She said, “Our mission is to give every client a results-oriented, full-body sculpting workout that is fun, effective and sassy. Walk into any studio barre for a community-loving barre class and walk out stronger, leaner and more confident.” At Studio Barre, there is a new client special which includes one month of unlimited classes for $99.00.

Why One Fitness Class When You Can Have All? 

Class Pass

If you want to integrate all of these workouts and then some, consider purchasing a Class Pass. With a Class Pass, members can attend fitness classes in 39 cities, change or cancel memberships whenever needed, or even book an hour of gym time. Additionally, with Android or I-Phones, members can schedule classes directly from their phone. Purchase 3 classes a month for $30, or other membership options to get started with Class Pass.

Whether you purchase a Class Pass or are interested in one of the specific fitness classes above, good luck from SD Entertainer!

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