5 Ways to Look Great for Summer in San Diego

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Although it’s still chilly outside, summer is creeping up on us and it will be here sooner than you think. With San Diego being one of the most prized tourist destinations, locals are lucky to call this gorgeous setting home.

San Diego is home to so many beautiful people and looking great for Summer is important to a lot of us. Be ready on June 21st, the first day of Sumer with these 5 ways to look great for the season!

1. Start working out… now

Getting time away from the office and stealing a few hours from coveted TV watching is tough, but it’s more important now than ever when the pool parties and Sunday afternoons at Hard Rock are upon us. If you are sick of your exercise DVD’s and the gym is too crowded, try something simple like taking a run around your neighborhood. Balboa Park, Mission Bay, Mission Beach, and Pacific Beach all offer great scenic runs for you to enjoy.

But remember, especially for the women reading, that it’s important to take proper safety precautions when venturing out on the trails. If you’re running by yourself, be sure it is completely light outside and bring your phone or a defense device. Check out the knuckle blaster stun gun, it’s perfect for holding in your hand while jogging and if anyone or anything get’s in your way a squeeze and touch will deliver 950,000 volts.

Before and after your run or walk make sure to stretch. Stretching helps muscles to look lean and defined while also reducing the chance of injury. After your run,  do 50 sit ups, and 10 push ups and you’ve definitely worked towards a better beach body.

2. Drink water, and lot’s of it

Your doctor and maybe even your significant other have explained the importance of getting enough fluids everyday. Not only does the body need at least 8 glasses of water per day, it thrives on it.

Water can help to purify your system, improve the look of your complexion and boost your diet results. To help you remember to drink water, buy a styled water bottle and make a habit to fill it up daily and take it with you on the go. Not only does the water bottle encourage you to take a sip, but you’ll be saving the planet by abstaining from plastic water bottles.

3. Get a pedicure for trendy toes

Treating your feet to a pedicure isn’t just for the ladies wearing strappy heels and studded gladiator sandals. Gentlemen, your feet could probably use some TLC too, especially if you plan to sport flip flops all summer. Check out your local nail salon and sit down for a relaxing pedicure, it won’t make you any less of a man. In fact if you told the next women you dated about it, she’d probably think it was cute.

Prices usually range from $30 – $50 depending on the salon and types of treatment received. The fantastic ladies at the nail salon will take a pumice stone, which is a device for removing dead skin and use it clean up your heels to give you glowing feet for summer time.

4. Eat whole foods

Fruit, veggies and protein are always the way to go when you’re trying to have a great beach body. Stay away from McDonald’s and Taco Bell as much as you can, just chant to yourself “beach body” to avoid the cravings.

Nutrients found in fruit and veggies can help to fortify your skin and provide vitamins to give you natural energy. Protein, which is found in meats, cheese, dairy, beans, and whole grains is essential for a balanced diet and helps to build muscle. Protein and other whole foods will restore nutrients lost when working out and help you reach your goals.

Everything is in moderation, so watch your portion sizes and remember that the less processed the food is, the better. But don’t stress about your eating regimen, it has been shown that stress leads to weight gain. Just do your best and stay persistent and your beach body will be attainable.

5. Buy a great swim suit for Summer 2010

After all the exercising, eating right and water gulping, hopefully you have gotten your gorgeous beach body. Now, you’re ready to dare the shores of San Diego. But One thing is missing… the perfect swim suit. Don’t open up your closet and grab last year’s suit, reward yourself and buy a new one that coincides with the trends of 2010!

Ladies: The trends seem to be towards new age looking suits that include one shoulder bikini’s, and the monokini (pictured left). Cut-away bikini’s that take pieces out of a one piece are also going to be really hot, the trend will be towards solid colors and not prints.

Lastly, you will need the perfect accessory to your bikini which includes a cover up and jewelry that properly compliments the style. This season, sheer fabrics for cover ups are going to be all the rage. Bohemian fashions are still in, so try a chunky necklace as your finishing touch.

Gentlemen: Well one thing is for sure, the mankini is not going to be in, at least not on the West Coast. And the fashion trends offered for men in summer 2010 are not as riveting as those for your female counterpart.

Rule of thumb is to sport what looks best on your body and buy a matching shirt that compliments the look, perfect for when you stop at the beach’s neighboring bars. An interesting accessory also works perfect to pull a look together; try a trendy longer necklace like a rosary as it may bring a perfect spot light to your fit stomach.

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