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Point Loma Patio to Reveal Hidden Movie Theatre for Sideways Screening

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The typical indoor-movie, microwave-popcorn date night is about to get a gourmet makeover – and The Wine Pub’s secret venue marks the perfect spot.

On Saturday, May 20, from 8:30 – 10:30 p.m., The Wine Pub will turn its outdoor patio into a movie theatre hideout for a screening of the movie Sideways. Among twinkling lights and the San Diego summer breeze, film fans can kick back to enjoy an intimate experience that only comes around once a year.

“As we head into the summer months, The Wine Pub’s movie night dares friends and neighbors to do date night differently,” says Sandy Hanshaw, owner of The Wine Pub. “At The Pub, people can escape intimidating upscale restaurants and cinemas without sacrificing high-quality food, service and fresh air.”

This year’s chosen film – the 2004 comedy Sideways – follows two friends on a road trip through California’s renowned wine country. Actors Paul Giamati and Thomas Haden Church explore the vineyards while grappling with the struggles of their past and the apprehension of their futures. The film is known for skyrocketing the popularity of pinot noir and slowing the sales of merlot.

To play off the plot, guests of The Wine Pub’s Summer Movie Night will enjoy both merlot and pinot noir to ultimately decide the red vino victor in Point Loma. For a saltier snack during the movie, Chef Malissa Sorsby will add flair to traditional movie popcorn with flavors such as salted caramel and bacon chive.

You can purchase the $20 tickets here. Ticket prices go toward food and beverage for the evening. Point Loma’s best kept secret, The Wine Pub, brings neighbors and friends together for a simply elegant dining experience in a cozy environment. With an extraordinary selection of handpicked wine, craft beer and gourmet menu, The Wine Pub has quickly become a local home away from home for all those who love living in Point Loma.

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