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Sarah Blaine Performs at the The Napoleon Hill Foundation’s Stickability Event

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Sarah Blaine performanceLast week, the San Diego Marriott Hotel hosted the “Stickability: The Power of Perseverance” event for the Napoleon Hill Foundation. Mentors and celebrities spoke out to the attendees on how to attain their own personal success and not allow fear to block their path to their dreams.

San Diego Entertainer Magazine received the pleasure of an invite to the event and listened to a live performance of beautiful rising star Sarah Blaine. Sporting a fantastic red dress and jean jacket, Sarah walked out on to the stage and greeted her excited audience.

The young singer was enchanting as she sang her new single, “Dance with the Devil,” a song inspired by Napoleon Hill’s book “Outwitting the Devil.”

After the song’s performance, San Diego Entertainer Magazine got the opportunity to interview the talented young artist as she regaled me with stories about her life, music, hobbies, and more:

SD: What inspired you to go into your music career?

SarahB: Both of my parents were singers. They weren’t stage parents in that sense, but I was introduced to it when I was really young. I performed for my first time when I was four for a 150 people. I’ve kind of haven’t really stopped. I did some TV growing up. It’s been my passion.

SD: Who are your musical influences? Do you have any favorite bands?

SarahB: You know it’s really great I can say Demi Lovato is one of my favorite artists. I got to perform for her the other day so that’s pretty sweet. I mean. I love pop music. Katy Perry. Lady Gaga. All these. I grew up listening to a lot of standards. Like old standards. 40’s music. My genre is very different than that, but I think writing-wise it’s definitely helped me. Just because it’s simple ideas, simple lyrics, catchy melodies that like everyone can relate to. Despite the differences in genres I think that’s been a big influence on me.

SD: You said Demi Lovato is your favorite singer, what was it like performing the opening for her?

SarahB: It was such a huge honor. She’s amazing. She rocked the house. Just being on the same stage as her, as the only other performer, it was so sweet. Plus the cause, the Dignity Gala, was really important. I felt it was amazing to be there.

SD: Is there a particular band you want to open for? Or perform with?

SarahB: Yeah. Justin Timberlake is like God to me. If I could just be even be on the same stage as him that would be… There are very few people I would get star-struck by. He’s one of them. Beyoncé, Jay-Z is in there too, as far as my gods. Some of those. Katy Perry. For now, those kind of iconic artists. I feel like that even though they’re current now, those ones will go down in history as big names that did great things in the industry.

SD: What’s your ultimate dream? Do you have a type of performance that you ultimately want to be in? A dream location you want to perform at?

SarahB: Venue-wise Hollywood Bowl or Madison Square Garden like hands down. If I have gotten myself to the Hollywood Bowl headlining or Madison Square Garden, then I have gotten myself to where I want to be on the charts. So that kind of covers that.

SD: What gave you the idea/inspiration behind the song “Dancing with the Devil?”

SarahB: This book called “Outwitting the Devil” that Napoleon Hill wrote in 1938 didn’t get published until 2011. Sharon Lechter was a big part of that. It’s really about that negative voice, the fear that you have, and how to overcome that. I thought it’s definitely a universal thing. And you know given the right beat, commercial sound, it can really work well as an uplifting thing for kids.

SD: What kind of impact would you hope that you would have on your audience?Sarah Blaine

SarahB: I hope that with all of my music, my one goal is that it’s positive, makes people happy, and feel empowered. That kids can go out there and do what they want to do, dream what they want to dream, and achieve that. My goal is to do that for other people.

SD: What do you enjoy the most/least as a singer?

SarahB: The most. Just the creative expression in any way is just really fun. Like there’s the glamorous side. That’s cool too. Just getting to write and be on stage and express myself as a job is like the coolest thing in the world. My least favorite thing. This is going to sound so awful. Just the time it takes for hair and makeup, it kills me. Like sitting in a chair an hour and a half to two hours is like “Oh jeezes.” So that’s probably my least favorite. I mean I’m a girly girl, but it just takes so long.

SD: What are your interests? How would you describe yourself?

SarahB: I love to cook. If I weren’t a singer I would probably be a chef. I am a huge Harry Potter nerd. People are somewhat surprised by that. I cried when I did not get my Hogwarts letter when I was 11. I say I am pretty goofy behind the scenes.

SD: What is your favorite Harry Potter book?

SarahB: Well I mean the seventh one was just. It wrapped everything up so well. I read it in like 12 hours.

SD: Do you have a favorite character?

SarahB: Luna Lovegood. Hands down.

SD: What kind of dishes would you like to cook?

SarahB: Oh my gosh. I love cooking French food. Like Julia Child’s recipes. I live out of those books. I get all into it. I love making ratatouille. I like healthy food. It’s tough. Because I love making French food but it’s all buttery and delicious. And creamy and wonderful. But then I also try to eat really healthy. Finding balance. Adapting recipes I think that it’s fun to kind of make it as tasty as possibly while still maintaining some sort of balance.

SD: Who has been your biggest supporter/mentor in life?

SarahB: Oh wow. My whole life, my dad. My birth-mom died when I was eight. From that point on he’s just been my rock. He did so much more than most parents have to do. So him and my stepmom, I call her my Bones Mom. They got married when I was 15. She’s a transformational leader. So she’s just been incredibly influential in my life. She’s been empowering me to do what I want and dream what I want to dream.

SD: What brought you to perform for the Napoleon Hill Foundation?

SarahB: Well. Just the book was written by Napoleon Hill. So when the group caught wind with what we were doing, they invited me. I’m just really honored to be here. And my mom is friends with a lot of these people. I’ve met some of them before. It’s just really cool to be embraced by this community.

SD: How do you like San Diego?

SarahB: Oh I love San Diego. It’s so beautiful. It’s so much cooler down here than in LA. At least right now. It’s gorgeous. The beaches are prettier here. There’s less smog. If I can take my industry and put it down here I would definitely live down here.

SD: For your young audiences who aspire to be where you are now what advice would you give them?

SarahB: It seems straight but it’s not. Just follow your heart. If people say you can’t do something or you’re not going (to) make money doing something, I think that there’s always a way if you’re doing what you love and it’s good for others. It doesn’t matter if you want to be a singer. Or if you want to be an actor. Or want to be a doctor. I just think if what you’re doing is good for others, there’s always a way of making it happen.

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