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Maxim Magazine 2010 Hometown Hotties Finalists visit San Diego

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Maxim Magazine made its way into San Diego and revealed the ten “Hometown Hotties” finalists for 2010. Selected through home-made video auditions, the Hotties represent cities across America from Murrieta, California to Adventura, Florida. This was many of the Hotties’ first visit to San Diego and they were treated to a variety of events like a mini-bootcamp at Camp Pendleton, a Padres game, private beach outings, a pool party, and of course, two nights of clubbing in the heart of Downtown San Diego at the Hard Rock Hotel.

A interesting aspect of Maxim’s Hometown Hotties competition is the focus on discovering ladies living a normal American life. For an example one need only glance at the Hotties’ professions, as they varied from financial analyst, to waiter, to nurse. Or, like the love we Americans have for our country, these ladies had developed a strong sense of pride in their community from growing up and working within it. Amanda, born and raised in a small town just outside of Louisville, Kentucky said, “I’m a huge fan of the Wildcats! I especially love watching the University of Kentucky’s basketball team and my life pretty much stops during the March Madness tournament.”

In coming to San Diego, these ten ladies brought with them hopes and dreams of seizing the glamorous life through their stunning looks. But in a competition where each lady is as beautiful as the next, what truly shines through is personality. Meredith took in everything San Diego could throw at her and more, as she was the only Hottie to visit the zoo during her short allocation of free time.

Asked what she enjoyed most about her visit to the zoo she said, “The giraffes. They remind me of myself in that they are tall and eat all day,” adding with a smirk, “only I hate vegetarian food.” Known to her friends as “the Energizer Bunny,” Lisa shared some tips on how future Hottie hopefuls could earn their shot in 2011: “Every woman is beautiful in her own way. I think the key is to display the gifts you have and then sit-back and let your personality shine through.”

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