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Cinema Under the Stars

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Photo from 'jared' via FlickrWith the weather getting better and the warm soon to be summer nights anticipating new love in bloom, it’s time to grab a friend or lover, (or someone who is in that grey area between…) and embark on a cinematic adventure!

And what better way to embrace the fabulous weather of San Diego than to experience the film outdoors, under the stars? Avoid the crowds of the usual movie megaplex and try out Cinema Under the Stars, showings are Thursday, Friday and Saturdays at 8PM and they play a wide variety of movies from new releases like Avatar and 500 Days of Summer to classics like Casablanca and Rear Window.

Movies are projected digitally onto a 20-foot screen in the beautiful and cozy patio theater behind owner Doug Yeagley’s Tops Hair Salon, located at 4040 Goldfinch in Mission Hills. This unique movie theater has been around since 1991 and has traditionally opened its showing season in May. This year, however, the showings start a month earlier.

Last weekend’s film was Avatar. Starting May 6th, Cinema Under the Stars will be showing Casablanca, followed by Bringing Up Baby the following weekend (May 13-15). For a look at the complete schedule and to view movie trailers, click here.

Doors open at 6PM and the show begins at 8PM, with tickets for sale at the door for $13.50. Club members who pay a $75 annual fee get premium seat selection and they can make phone reservations a week in advance, which isn’t such a bad idea since the theater sells out on a regular basis (there are only 62 seats).

Snacks are for sale at a reasonable price, believe it or not, and you get to sit on anti-gravity recliners with a provided blanket. Club members also have the option of sitting at a café table and chair, a balcony bar stool or on a luxurious love seat. And if you’re worried about getting cold, rest assured, as there are plenty of heat lamps to keep you warm.

If you want to see a movie—in the San Diego moonlight—come check out this unique outdoor theater!

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