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Brian Culbertson Kicks Off Excellent October Lineup at Thornton Winery

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Thornton Winery, known for its smooth Jazz shows (and don’t forget their award-winning Champagne) continues celebrating the 23rd anniversary of their Champagne Jazz Series in the month of October with a concert by fan-favorite, Brian Culbertson.

Culbertson’s shows, if you’ve never had the pleasure, are fairly heavily influenced by funk, much of it being funk-based instrumental. He is a true showman on stage and definitely keeps the crowd into the show. After eleven inspired albums that have truly covered a broad spectrum of musical styles and featured many of music’s finest players, Culbertson’s twelfth album, apply titled ‘XII’ (for the non-Catholic School educated-the Roman numeral for twelve) is no different; again jam-packed with astounding guest performances from the likes of renowned R&B singer Avant, Brian McKnight, Faith Evans, Kenny Lattimore and Ray Parker Jr. to Go-Go music pioneer Chuck Brown and acoustic guitar legend Earl Klugh.

“I was just noticing that there are a lot of ‘12s’ in my life,” Brian recently shared. “I was born on January 12, I’ve been living in Los Angeles for 12 years now and have been married to my beautiful wife Michelle for 12 years. There are 12 notes on the piano…and it was at the age of 12 that I knew I was going to be a professional musician.  Also over the years, 1s and 2s have been in the addresses of all the places I’ve lived. So I went with “XII” for the album.”

One thing that this multi-talented man’s fans can rest assured of is that, with twelve albums and counting, Brian Culbertson always brings his very best  to his shows, and in this cool environment, all one can say is, “Oh yeah…”

Culbertson starts a great month of jazz at Thornton Winery; plus they have weekend wine-tasting specials and dinner/show specials. You can check it all out at thorntonwine.com.

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