E&L TV- December is “Your Source for Everything San Diego” – Finance Edition

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Each month San Diego Entertainer Magazine brings you the best entertainment and lifestyle segments on E&L TV. The show airs the first Sunday of the month at 5pm on Channel 6 (CW).

This December we were delighted to have Steve Sexton from Sexton Advisory Group be more than a guest on E&L TV. Steve not only gave the viewers excellent financial advice, he also moderated the show, striking dialogue with top advisors as they discussed popular topics regarding finance, taxes, and real estate.

Steve gave us some insight on the current market, and discussed the key elements to look out for when making decisions in investments. We were later joined by one of the very few certified tax coaches in the country- Daniel Green. Daniel Green is a certified public accountant (CPA); he worked for the State of California as a business tax auditor and audited over 300 businesses.

Daniel discussed very important topics that most of us are curious about, one of them being, “How can I save money on my taxes?” He gave great advice for all of the taxpayers out there, so make sure to listen close and take notes as we’re getting closer to tax season!

We were then joined by an advisor that is a specialist in owning, buying, and selling businesses of all sizes. He is a CPA and has an MBA in finance; he is a certified business broker and has over 7,000 buyers in his Southern California network – Joe Atchison.

E&L TV concluded the show with advice from one of the premier estate planning firms in the country – R. Michael Walters. R. Michael Walters, Mike for short, is one of the top attorneys in Southern California and has given his expert legal advice on a number of broadcast venues; he is a renowned speaker and has given thousands of workshops all over California. Mike discussed a hot topic that confuses most of us, and it’s important to know and understand this confusing topic, so stay tuned to find out.

We were lucky to be joined by the top advisors this December and as “Your Source for Everything San Diego,” we want to thank you for watching. Be sure to tune in every month to learn more about the latest and greatest this city has to offer and Happy Holidays!

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