Olive Garden brings back the Pasta Pass

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Summer is over, so it’s time to work on that winter body. We can’t think of a better way to do that than with unlimited pasta, any time you want. The Olive Garden Pasta Pass is returning for its third year in a row, and you won’t want to miss this delicious deal.

Every year, many people look forward to Olive Garden’s unlimited Pasta Pass, which usually allows you to eat all the pasta you want, for a comparatively small price. This year Olive Garden is once again offering the Pasta Pass which gets you seven weeks of unlimited pasta for only $100.

Between Oct. 3 and Nov. 20, Olive Garden fans can consume as much pasta, bread sticks, soup and salad as they can handle.


The biggest change the restaurant is making to the pass is that compared to last year’s 2,000 passes sold, the chain is now upping its quantity to 21,000 passes. That means that 21,000 lucky people can stuff their faces with Olive Garden’s mouthwatering food for seven weeks.

Don’t think that just because there are more passes, that they will be easy to get. Last year, the passes sold out within one second. If that is the case this year, you will have approximately 10 seconds to get your hands on the deal.

If you think about it, most families will spend upwards of $70 dollars when they eat out. So for those of you thinking that $100 is way too much, consider how many meals you will be able to get in those seven weeks.  Your answer: way more than $100 worth.

Of course, the chain had to put some restrictions on the deal, which they had done in previous years as well. Not every menu item will be available for the Pasta Pass customers. Fan favorites like the Chicken Alfredo and Cavatappi will still be on the list, and let’s not forget about the breadsticks. To be honest, I would by the $100 pass just to eat unlimited breadsticks.

To get your greedy hands on the Pasta Pass, it opens this Thursday at 10:30 p.m. PT. Let the preparations start…now!

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