National Corn Dog Day is Here!

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Saturday, March 18th, is National Corn Dog Day! Although you might not remember the last time you had a corn dog, remind yourself of that season in college when those frost-bitten breaded dogs got you through late nights of studying.

So how did this crazy day start? Well, with a couple of boys in Corvallis, Oregon who were focusing all of their energy on the ‘big men’s college basketball tournament,’ as they called it. Eating nothing but potato chips washed down with soda, their dad saw an opportunity to be a hero. He brought them some perfectly cooked frozen corn dogs on that March day in 1992, and ever since National Corn Dog Day has existed on the first Saturday before those big college men play their basketball.

Corn dog places are far and few in San Diego–because if we are going to eat a hot dog, it’s most likely going to be grilled over a fire pit on a warm beach night–but we found a few places for you to celebrate this wacky holiday.

Plant Power  

You may be happy to know that there’s a corn dog option that doesn’t include questionable parts. At Plant Power, all of the food is made 100% from plants, is cholesterol free, and they cut hydrogenated oils and trans fat. Try their mini corn dogs and see what you think about a plant-based product that’ll make you feel like a kid again.

Ocean Beach
2204 Sunset Cliffs Blvd.

411 Santa Fe Dr.

Ruby’s Diner  

Ruby’s wants to keep your kids happy and healthy, with their turkey meat corn dog. Order a couple of corn dogs and a chocolate coke, and watch the sunset this Sunday on the Oceanside pier.

5630 Paseo Del Norte, #130 D

1 Oceanside Pier

Find their other San Diego locations here


Start your meal off with 5 lollipop corn dogs–Polish sausages wrapped in sweet corn batter, served with a side of spicy porter mustard. These corn dog treats still make you feel like a kid, but with the grown up taste of spice.

La Jolla
4353 La Jolla Village Drive
Want to stay in to watch some basketball? Grab a box of those delicious childhood memories from the freezer aisle, and share them with your kids–we won’t tell.

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