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Move over oatmeal, an Australian favorite is taking over the shelves at Whole Foods across Southern California. Brekki, located at Carlsbad Gateway Center (CGC), is a ready to eat line of overnight oats that is 100 percent vegan, combining oats, grains, seeds and nuts all mixed with almond milk and positively delicious! If you’re looking for a healthy, filling breakfast to fuel your day, look no further.

Thanks to CGC’s small spaces, flexible zoning, affordable rents, and wide array of permitted uses, CGC was the perfect location for Brekki co-founders and longtime friends, Greg Peyser and Russell Radebaugh, to make their dream a reality. Brekki opened at CGC in March 2017, giving them the space necessary to begin making the product. Three short months later in May 2017, Brekki launched their product in 11 Whole Foods Market locations in Southern California, the Seaside Market in Cardiff, and Leap Coffee at CGC.

“Carlsbad Gateway Center provided the start we needed to kick our company into gear,” said Russell Radebaugh, co-founder of Brekki. “After just a few months, CGC made it possible to adapt our space and start production for Brekki, launching our business.”

The idea for Brekki was inspired three years ago while Russell was training for an ultra-marathon called Rim2Rim2Rim in Australia. Russell’s wife, who is Australian, introduced him to Bircher Muesli, an Aussie breakfast dish that’s similar to overnight oats in the United States. Russell loved it some much, he wanted to bring the nutritional breakfast back to America for fuel after his morning runs. Brekki is dairy-free, gluten-free and non-GMO. It comes in original (plain), strawberry, blueberry and raspberry flavors. Brekki is one of the first 100 percent plant based, refrigerated products available for purchase and delivers all the nutrition one needs to start their day in a convenient on-the- go package.

“When consumers make overnight oats at home, it involves mixing their oats or grain mixture with whatever toppings they want and adding milk or nut milk to soak them overnight, hence the overnight component,” said Russell. “Our product is in that style, a hydrated mix of oats and grains but ours is ready to eat. It is purchased refrigerated and ready to eat. There is no preparation or soaking and is a much more convenient option for those seeking a plant based, dairy free breakfast product.”

Consumers can find Brekki in 11 Whole Foods in Southern California (3 in San Diego), Seaside Market, and Leap Coffee in Carlsbad. The future is bright for Brekki who is looking to build out their availability in coffee shop business in San Diego and is hoping to launch an e-commerce component in the next few weeks!

“When Brekki was in the formulation stage, it became clear that we had something that was differentiated, healthy and tasted really good, and that’s when the reality of starting and owning my own business and crafting a team around this dynamic product came to fruition,” said Greg Peyser, co- founder at Brekki. “We both were interested in starting our own company and when we found an amazing product like Brekki, we felt like we had to take the leap.”

Brekki is focused on providing a convenient, nutritiously well rounded, plant based breakfast. If you’re an athlete, on the go, or a busy mom, fuel your family something that tastes great and delivers all the nutrition one needs to start their day!

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