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Photo from Gelato Vero Caffe's MySpace

Photo from Gelato Vero Caffe's MySpace

The San Diego summer is here. The mercury is rising, the sand is baking, and the ice cream parlors are full- so where does one find an enticing refreshment that boasts both sweet coolness and dashing flavor? One word: Gelato.

Gelato isn’t just Italian ice cream, it is a mouth-watering treat that bursts with flavor in each bite! It is an escape from the sweltering temperatures … and the tourists that are bombarding the local scoop shops.

So where do you find gelato in San Diego that feels and tastes like you made it yourself? Well, there are not many of them, trust me I discovered this a couple of days ago when I was sitting in my apartment, sprawled out in front of  the fan praying the heat would go away. I decided on a sweet scoop of gelato. What I thought would be a simple mission turned into a trek for sugary goodness!

Photo from "liloh" via Flikr

Photo from "liloh" via Flikr

After racing through much of San Diego only to discover that my favorite shops were closed and I had given up on my dreams, low and behold and the corner of India and Washington was Gelato Vero beckoning me to get a scoop. Victory!

On the outside, the shop isn’t the most inviting and it is in a poor location, but once you step inside it is though you walked back into old Italy. They serve fresh paninis, espresso, and gelato. I stood in awe of the flavors that they offered: tiramisu, chocolate hazelnut, pistachio, vanilla, dark chocolate…among others. I opted for pistachio and dark chocolate.

The neat thing about this place is that they go by the ounce, plus you can choose a biodegradable bowl or the waffle cone (choose this because it is way tastier). The first bit was pure chocolatey goodness powered by a strong cocoa taste. And then came the pistachio and I must say that this is my new favorite flavor. The gelato is loaded with sweet and salty tones- and there are actualy pistachios in the mix! And finally I composed my own masterpiece by mixing the two together creating dark chocolate covered pistachios…delightful. At the end of my journey I found myself licking the cone for any remaining hint of the gelato…mission accomplished!

Gelato Vero Caffe
3753 India Street
Mission Hills

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