Cardiff Crack: Tri Tip By The Sea

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The days are getting warmer, inviting us to step outside and into the water once again. Take the coast to the Encinitas beach community of Cardiff, and enjoy a Saturday full of surfing and SUP boarding followed by a delicious meal. Tucked in the small town bordering Solana Beach resides Seaside Market, a deli and market known for its Burgundy Pepper Tri Tip.

This world-famous market sells USDA choice tri tip, marinated with a “secret process” that includes infusing Burgundy Pepper, also known as Cardiff Crack.

The meat can be purchased in bulk and stored in your freezer, to have ready-to-eat meat for the next time you want to impress your dinner guests. Thaw the meat for a full 24 hours, sear both sides for 5-7 minutes, wait for the caramelization process to start, grill to your desired preference, transfer to a cutting board, and enjoy a restaurant-like dinner in the comfort of your home.

To-go packages come in packs of 1-4 tri tips, marinated in either the classic Burgundy Pepper, or the special blend Spicy Chipotle. Each tri tip is approximately 3.25 pounds, so invite some friends over and enjoy!

Driving through Cardiff? Grab a Cardiff Crack Sandwich, filled with the classic burgundy pepper tri tip, and a variety of flavors.

Cardiff Crack Choices:

The Original BBQ

Tri tip, seaside barbecue sauce, and crispy fried onions on a a brioche bun

Korean Crack

Tri tip, Korean barbecue sauce, and crispy fried onions on a brioche bun

Philly Crack Stack

Tri tip, American & provolone cheese, grilled onions, and peppers on a ciabatta roll

Whiskey Crack

Tri tip, whiskey peppercorn sauce, crumbled bleu cheese, red wine, red onions, and arugula on a ciabatta roll

Pair your sandwich with skinny fries and a bacon sriracha, chipotle, or pesto aioli.

If you are not drooling yet, it’s probably because you haven’t tasted the flavorful richness of a Cardiff Crack. Give it a try, and we bet you’ll be asking for the catering menu for your next event.

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