San Diego Webseries “Proxy 2: The Mortido” in Production

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San Diego is fast becoming a film and video production powerhouse town. While San Diego has been served as the location for many blockbuster films such as Almost Famous, Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, Bruce Almighty , Top Gun, and Apollo 13 to name a few, it is also a place with a thriving community for independent filmmakers.  Justin Burquist

Today, San Diego Entertainer interviewed one of the key members of the independent filmmaking sector of San Diego, Justin Burquist. Burquist, from In Vitro Films told SD Entertainer that his love for filmmaking happened accidentally.

“My brother helped out because he brought a camera home from Holtville High School, where we were both attending at the time. We ended making a short film. But as time went on, I wanted to get into law enforcement and so I was going to school for it at SDSU. I always wanted to be an FBI agent, but as time went on I kind of realized, oh wait… I just like T.V. shows.” – Burquist

Burquist is currently working with producers of Entertainer & Lifestyles TV, Pixel Productions, for the creation of his web series Proxy 2: The Mortido, which is expected to be released this year. “Pixel Producitons is helping with Proxy 2: The Mortido by helping us build sets, using some of their equipment, and some of their talent at the studio,” said Burquist.

This webseries is the second season of Proxy which he started and aired in 2011. Proxy can best be described as a cerebral thriller, it is about a series of murders and the dark cult driving them. In the creation for this web series Burquist was inspired by stylistic filmmakers such as Brian de Palma and Andrei Tarkovsky.


Another company Burquist has collaborated with is Gemini Pictures, also an independent company based in San Diego. Their web series, Between Bullets features James Keyson, best known for his playing the role of Ando Masahashi in the  NBC television series Heroes.

Burquist also shared that he feels that there is a bigger presence of the independent filmmaking community  in San Diego. He said, “A lot of interesting things are happening right now. I think the San Diego Film Consortium is doing a lot of interesting things, there seems to be a lot of people fired up.”

To become involved with independent film in San Diego, follow the San Diego Film Consortium on Facebook, and to stay updated on other exciting projects Burquist and company visit

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