Steven Tyler falls off stage in latest Aerosmith injury

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Steven Tyler (from Flikr)

Aerosmith has been subjected to numerous injuries and accidents on their summer tour. In the latest mishap, lead singer Steven Tyler took a plunge off the back of the stage during a show in Rapid City, South Dakota. After falling, Tyler was immediately attended too by on-site medical staff and was airlifted to a nearby facility to receive first-aid. Tyler, who is 61 years of age has been hospitalized as a result of the incident at Rapid City. Tyler suffered minor neck and head injuries from the fall.

Tyler, the longtime frontman for the iconic rock band, has always been an energetic and powerful on stage. Often when there are dull moments in the show, such as sound checks and retuning of the musicians instrument, Tyler often dances around and entertains the crowd with his showmanship.

The Associated Press stated that during the song ” Love Elevator” the sound system gave out, Tyler then began to dance around in hopes of keeping the show going, and that is when he fell into the crowd. Tyler, in true rock star fashion laughed about the incident on the way to the hospital.

The injury Tyler sustained adds to the slew of incidents Aerosmith has taken on in this year’s summer tour. Lead guitarist Joe Perry had an infection, requiring him to get emergency knee surgery. He had to check into rehab for a foot injury, and he also acquired pneumonia, which pushed the tour back even further. Bassist Tom Hamilton had to leave the band temporarily to rest from a recent non-invasive surgery. Hamilton’s incident also happened right after Perry strained a leg muscle, resulting in the cancellation of seven shows in the tour. Brad Whitford, the bands rhythm guitarist, sustained a head injury which forced him to remain absent from a number of shows.

Aerosmith’s tour from the begining seemed doomed. Maybe the rockers need to take some well-deserved rest and relaxation from the rock star life. The mind may be willing the body is a different story.

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