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When three-time Grammy nominated artist, Sara Bareilles, first broke into the scene with her 2007 hit single “Love Song,” which can be found off her major-label debut album, Little Voice, we were all impressed by her range of vocal abilities and our interests were piqued by her song-writing skills.

So far, it’s been an amazing journey for Bareilles, who says that she’s been very blessed.  It appears that its been an explosive year for the singer-songwriter – 2011 being jam-packed with album releases, extensive touring throughout Europe and within the States, as well as special TV appearances, and, luckily for Sara Bareilles-fans everywhere – there is still more to come for the extremely talented artist.

Before Bareilles started headlining her own shows and filling up stadiums, she recalls performing at smaller venues like popular coffee houses, where her music can be sampled in a more intimate setting.

The transition has been great for Bareilles.  Although it’s been a very long slow process for her, Sara says that with heavy backing from her record label and the radio, over the years her career has grown and right now she’s just counting her blessings.

Currently on tour with country duo Sugarland, Bareilles says that, “the Sugarland tour is on the bigger end of the spectrum, for sure.  There’s a different kind of energy to playing with that many people.  Close to maybe 10,000 people a night.  It’s really electrifying in a lot of ways, but it can start to feel sort of disconnected too.  There’s something about a smaller venue that I love as far as the intimacy.”  Sara goes on to say that both types of venues have their own distinctive vibe and that it would be hard for her to choose one over the other.

Before her tour with Sugarland, Bareilles was on the road with childhood buddies Maroon 5.

“We’ve been friends for a really long time.  And I do feel like they’re like big brothers to me in the industry.  They’ve always been huge supporters of me and I’ve always been grateful for their friendship and their support.  They’re really amazing people: fantastic, incredibly talented, and successful.  And it’s always fun to be on tour with your friends,” she adds.

Sara also recently finished filming for her cameo on Nickelodeon’s “Bucket and Skinner’s Epic Adventures,” which aired this past Sunday.

Bareilles says that she did a lot of musical theater while growing up, but TV and film acting had an altogether different rhythm that she was not yet used to.  Although she had to work harder than the other more veteran actors on the show, she says that she had an awesome time with the cast members.

“The kids were just amazing and so sweet, and everyone on the set was really welcoming and understanding.”

Sara’s appearance on “Bucket and Skinner” is just a mere taste of what is to come.  Starting in the third season of NBC’s “The Sing Off,” the LA-based singer-songwriter will be a celebrity judge alongside Ben Folds and Shawn Stockman of Boyz II Men.

Given that she has been life-long fans of Shaun and Ben’s, Bareilles is stoked to be a part of the production.  She is also excited about the range of talent that will be featured on the new season of the show.

“I have a background in a capella music and it’s a big part of my life.  So it will be really nice to share my thoughts and see all these amazing groups.”

With all that in mind, you might ask what else may lie over Bareilles’ horizon.

Sara is currently busy preparing to release her new single, “Gonna Get Over You,” which features Ryan Tedder from OneRepublic and will begin shooting for the accompanying video this month in Los Angeles.  She will also be back in the studio later in the fall to record brand-new tracks for an upcoming EP that has yet to be titled, produced by fellow “Sing Off” judge Ben Folds.

Be sure you catch Sara Bareilles on tour or on the tube.  Either way, this year has definitely been paving the way for this unique and multi-talented artist’s rise to becoming a household name.  Though at her rate, she might have already arrived.

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