“Oh Land” Releases in the US – Danish Phenom with Electro Pop Talent

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South by South West (SXSW) is the big deal music and media conference that serves as a launch pad for many new takeover faces in the music industry. Hundreds of bands strut their hearts out before the judges and Oh Land flourished over the others by pushing the creative envelope back in 2009 when she got discovered by Epic Records there.

Collaborating with Sony Entertainment, the Danish Superstar Nana Øland Fabricius returned to the 2011 SXSW last week and performed her US top 20 charting debut album Oh Land. A triumphant return from the Scandinavian-bred electro-pop artist, she said, “Being at SXSW (this year) completes the circle since 2009.”

Talent, swagger and musical style all her own, the visual elements in Oh Land’s performances are for people who think for themselves and are open to alternative energy. The self titled album, Oh Land, just released by Sony Music Tuesday is filled with rich jungle drums and jingles based off of  her visionary’s childhood dreams and is categorized under genres Alternative and Rock.

“Fans get sucked into the music, they feel emotions, and they’re ready to dance,” Oh Land says.  Possessing something fresh and exciting, Oh Land is creating buzz for MTV, Gossip Girl and Teen Vogue who believe she is the “Artist to Watch in 2011”.  The charismatic up-tempo number 10 song on the album “We Turn it Up” is lyrically relatable to this generation, “It’s about not being suppressed by that plant of fear in your mind, it’s meant to inspire and about coming together, ” she says.

Check out Oh Land’s feature song, “Son of  a Gun.”  With over 5 million hits, you can see why Perez Hilton and David Letterman are singing her praises as well.

The tireless, Oh Land will return to her US home in New York to celebrate the album’s success and her unprecedented claim to fame.“It’ll be bigger when I am back in New York, with art pieces influenced from the album, and lots of balloons, ” she shares.

The SXSW site states Oh Land’s “Performance has always been a part of her personal expression as nurtured by the performances of those closest to her. Whether she was learning to see from a sister who designs clothing, to hear from her opera singer mother, or to touch from her church organist father; the mixture of this unique upbringing has contributed to the multi-faceted layers of an ever evolving Oh Land… Her performance style confronts the audience with elements as sonically and visually diverse as drum pads, an omnichord, and a front projector system that broadcasts homemade visuals across balloons.”

Underneath the hype of Oh Land’s world, Nana teams up with Vevo Lift, a site that serves as an artist platform introducing fans to rising artists as well as keeping fans involved in a musician’s career (by creating film series of exclusive behind-the-scenes interviews and performance footage). “It gives me a chance to enhance melodies, it’s developing new ways to play music and exploring it differently,” she concludes.

Make sure to buy her new album, Oh Land, today. Be a part of Oh Land’s “Secrets, wishes and dreams” next Friday when she gives a mesmerizing performance at the Henry Fonda Theatre in Los Angeles on March 25th.

Purchase the album and tickets on her website at


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