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As San Diego duo MRR-ADM (formerly known as MHE) continue to prep their full-length debut for Now-Again Records, they’ve been funding the home stretch by selling off the last remaining vinyl copies of their stellar 2008 10″ EP over at the Stones Throw webstore. And though the vinyl is now sold out, Stones Throw is still offering the previously difficult-to-obtain EP as a digital download.

This untitled 10″, one of my favorite releases from last year, is unmistakably built around, and centered on, the drum kit. With help from Malcom Catto (drummer and band leader of The Heliocentrics), the beats on the EP are explosive and relentless, pushing the songs into their own intensely rhythmic galaxies while all other elements seem to bend to the will of the percussion. Simultaneously summoning images of Blaxploitation film chase scenes and LSD-laced journeys through space, EP standout “4our” finds Catto’s eyebrow-raising drum work impeccably balanced against bold wah-wah riffage from San Diego guitarist Jeannette Deron. Its constant flood of grimy minimalist-funk, punctuated by only a few moments of respite, is reason enough to pick up this EP. I recommend you do so while it’s still available.

[audio:|titles=4our (Feat. Malcom Catto and Jeannette Deron)|artists=MRR-ADM]

MP3: MRR-ADM – 4our (Feat. Malcom Catto & Jeannette Deron), from Untitled
Buy: You can download the 10″ EP from Stones Throw for $4.95. Also, be sure to check the Now-Again site for news on their upcoming full-length.

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