Miley Cyrus “Can’t Be Tamed” Music Video and New Look

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Photo from JOnasIsMyMiddleName via Flickr.Whatever happened to time when kid pop stars just belonged to the Mickey Mouse Club and sang about ABC, easy as 123, simple as do re mi? Now-a-days, we have young pop stars dressing like their much-older A-listers and singing about love, partying, and dancing in cages.

Miley Cyrus, better known as Hannah Montana on The Disney Channel, is the epitome of a modern-day child pop star whose youth and innocence is mixed with rock and sultriness. You wouldn’t believe she was only 17 years old just from looking at her pictures, and you really wouldn’t believe it if you just saw her newest music video for “Can’t Be Tamed,” which had a sneak peak on E! on May 4.

You can watch E!’s world preview of Miley’s new music video below. Her new ‘untamed’ look has been causing quite the commotion from fans all around.

With her skin-tight black leotard and pompadore hair style, Miley Cyrus has the whole Christina Aguilera/Beyonce/Lady Gaga look going on. Her sexy and untamed style strangely resembles Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” video, although Spears was much older than 17 when she released that music video.

Miley Ray Cyrus, real name Destiny Hope Cyrus, has been acting since she was 9 years old. Hannah Montana first aired on The Disney Channel on March 24, 2006, and the show has averaged over 4 million viewers per episode. Within the last couple years, Cyrus has been making quite a few appearances on the big screen as well. Her movie Hannah Montana: The Movie in 2008 brought in $8,600,000+ on its opening day alone. Cyrus played Veronica Miller in the romantic film The Last Song earlier this year, and she will also be appearing in Sex and the City 2 playing herself and wearing the same dress as Samantha later this month.

With feathers, leather, and pole dancing, Miley is breaking away from her innocent Hannah Montana persona and presenting herself with a more mature and sexy look. Many parents are concerned that the message Miley Cyrus is sending out to her fans, many of which are young children, may be too sexual and rebellious. Is this too much raunchiness for a 17 year old pop icon?

The album Can’t Be Tamed will be released this summer, June 22.

*Photo from JOnasIsMyMiddleName via Flickr.


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