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Just over two months since our launch we are really pleased on the so-far-success. We want to take a moment to thank all of the contributors for their support. The Entertainer strives to be San Diego’s premier source for entertainment and lifestyle information.

Children of Nova (Provided via MySpace)

Children of Nova (Provided via MySpace)

With our eyes and ears on the community we see a niche that needs a stance. San Diego needs an unbiased approach to local entertainment, specifically music. This leads us to the upcoming launch of the San Diego Entertainer official Local Music Alliance.

For artists and bands that don’t get the attention they deserve, for songs that will blow your mind, for the newest in sounds of San Diego. The Entertainer’s Local Music Alliance will encompass several exciting features to bring the music to the people.

Starting next Monday September 7th the Entertainer’s Local Music Alliance play list Vol.1 will be available for free secure download in our music section.  The Alliance will feature roughly 20 tracks of some of the top music in local rock, alternative, folk, hip-hop, reggae and everything in between. The rule of the play list is simple, your record needs that just-right, perfect feeling.

We want the exemplary artists and bands in San Diego to know that the Entertainer feels your pain on your path to success. With it becoming more difficult to get heard it is vital that there’s a means for the highest quality and unique sounds to be exposed. Your new ability to reach out to interesting San Diegan’s is our alliance to you, and all you have to do is keep pumping out the tunes to the community.

We feel that our readership can benefit by hearing great new records, because as you know it doesn’t take the hottest studio in L.A, or the hippest MTV trend to make a great song. We know that great beautiful music is being made just minutes away right here in the heart of our city, contrary to the main stream ideal of good music.

After you download the play list onto your computer, we encourage you to spend time to check out the songs on your I-Pod, or burn a CD as gifts for friends. The bands involved are all for this anti-piracy effort.

In order to maximize the Alliance’s potential we’ve also incorporated a friendly competition sparing ‘Battle of the Bands’.

You may have heard some of the tracks which will be on the play list before at the local venues, or by adding a band on MySpace – but which artists are your favorite on the play list? Who is bringing it all to the table representing San Diego?

A voting system will be available in the local music section to cast your vote for your favorite artist or song from the Local Music Alliance play list Vol.1. You can also leave comments in support of a band, or your honest feedback on what you’re hearing.

And we urge you to be involved with the Entertainer! You are able to leave comments on any article on the website. The content you leave behind enhances the article itself, and the expressions you make will be heard by others.

Quick Entertainer tip: Put a face to your editorial input by getting a Gravatar. A Gravatar is a picture that links to the e-mail you enter for your comments then automatically

Endoxi is on the rise (Provided via MySpace)

Endoxi is on the rise (Provided via MySpace)

shows your picture on the site. Many great sites other than the Entertainer use the Gravatar service, so it gives you that ever important authorship credibility or cred for you hipsters, around the web.

Bringing music to the people through the San Diego Music Alliance is more than just a great new bunch of songs you got for free. It’s the news you need to stay up to date on the latest and greatest from San Diego. Exclusive interviews and show coverage will be included in the music section along with even more top secret grandiose plans for the future.

So you don’t miss out on the news, we’ll also make sure that our local artist events calendar spotlights the must see shows!

San Diegan’s, if there is a band we should know about please send us a message here so we can check them out. We really care what our readers have to say, and that is why we give you so many ways to interact. So shamelessly I will say, “don’t forget to tell us what you think.”

I am the project manager for Epsori Business Solutions, I assist in managing the San Diego Entertainer website. San Diego is my city, and I absolutely am enthused about The Entertainer being brought back to life in an easy to use digital format.

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