Banksy’s Disappearing Act at Oscars 2011 and San Diego Visit?

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The enigmatic graffiti artist Banksy was nowhere to be found at the 2011 Oscars last night.  And Justin Timberlake thought he could pull a fast one on us! Before presenting the Best Animated Feature and Best Animated Short Film awards alongside Mila Kunis, Timberlake jokingly admits, “I’m Banksy.” When an A-list celebrity like Justin Timberlake acknowledges your existence and wants to be you, you must be pretty awesome.

Banksy’s documentary film Exit Through the Gift Shop follows French immigrant, Thierry Guetta, all over Los Angeles to explore and investigate his obsession with street art.  However, the Best Documentary nominated film lost to Inside Job, bringing light to the 2008 failing bank industry. Yet even with this loss, Banksy’s notoriety continues to grow.

It is rumored that the underground artist may not have attended the Oscars due to his high-profile persona as a street artist and political activist. His work is known for its ability to call attention to social and environmental issues that plague urban areas.  The controversial graffiti artist commonly incorporates a rat as his logo, cleverly alluding to himself ‘ratting out’ big business, the government, and society for several types of social injustice.

Rumors abound whether Banksy was in Los Angeles or even present at the Academy Awards.  But our curiosity lies with this: Was Banksy in San Diego? His rat logo was spotted in Oceanside this weekend on the wall of Mexican restaurant Bull Taco. The eight-foot-tall rat is flying a kite with the images of runaway parents and child seemingly pulling it along the wall itself.

Is this an authentic Banksy work-of-art? What do you think of his loss to Inside Job at the Oscars last night?  Do you want to see more of his work? Just take a look at his website for more art by Banksy.

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