New Christina Aguilera video “You Lost Me”


Since 1998 we’ve watched the pop star Christina Aguilera transform herself from girl next door, to a proclaimed dirty girl, pin-up girl, to a electric pop seductress. Once again Aguilera has surprised us, but not in the shocking overly dramatic way she usually does. The singer has released her new single “You Lost Me,” and this time shes taken a must softer approach.

Christina Aguilera makes a comeback on American Idol

Photo from 'raffaelefiorillo' via Flickr

After taking a few years off to raise her son, Christina Aguilera proved last night on Idol that she’s still got what it takes. After this season’s female contestants performed her songs “Beautiful” and “Fighter,” Aguilera herself appeared at the top of a black staircase, finishing off “Fighter” with the rest of the women. Once the song concluded, the stage became completely dark, with only a spotlight on Aguilera. Dressed in a tight, dazzling black outfit. She sang “You Lost Me,” from her soon to be released “Bionic” album. Aguilera’s Bionic concert stops in San Diego on August 15th at Cricket Wireless Amphitheater.

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