Movie Review – Captain America: The Winter Soldier


It’s been a couple of years since Steve has been defrosted, picked up by S.H.I.E.L.D., and brought in to fight aliens alongside other superheroes. Physically, the 95-year old has started to adjust to 21st century living, but psychologically, he’s still unsure what he’s fighting for. Modern society is morally gray and doesn’t fit with his black-and-white view of the world. The world as he knew it has changed.

Movie Review: Divergent


“The future belongs to those who know where to belong.” Based on Veronica Roth’s best-selling novel, the story is set in a dystopian, post-apocalyptic world. The rest of the world has been destroyed by wars and the remaining society lives in factions inside a protective fence. More than a diversion, “Divergent” is sufficient to carry another surefire franchise.

Academy Awards 2014


The 86th Academy Awards opened with the stage filled with dozens and dozens of blown-up Oscar statues, and Ellen DeGeneres took center stage as host. In her pre-show interview, she mentioned that her goal was to give a great performance, but not overshadow the stars, and to make them feel relaxed and happy. She seemed to accomplish that without venturing into jokes that are borderline offensive, as dished out by last year’s host, Seth MacFarlane.

Movie Highlights: 2014 Awards Season


Trying to catch up on Oscar-quality films? Here are some of the highlights of several movies nominated for awards in various categories. Better yet, you still have a chance to see them at the theaters in the next few weeks!

Movie Reviews: Winter’s Tale and The Monuments Men


Both “Winter’s Tale” and “The Monuments Men” make big promises, but come up short…

Movie Review: Oldboy


I knew nothing about Spike Lee’s remake of “Oldboy” before going in. And boy, what a shocker. The unraveling and ending of this who-and-why dunnit mystery is crazily twisted and a double blow to the gut.

Movie Review – Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit

Jack Ryan

An origin story based on Tom Clancy’s character and more than a decade after the last Jack Ryan movie, Star Trek’s leading man Chris Pine (“Unstoppable”) is a man of intelligence and action, a former marine turned brainy CIA analyst and reluctant field agent. This fast straight-shooter is a splash of summer thrill in the winter.

Movie Review: Her


A man falling in love and having a relationship with his operating system. Conceptually unusual with the sci-fi element, director and writer Spike Jonze makes “Her” a story about humans’ fundamental need to connect and love. Bizarre and the beautiful, it works.

Golden Globes 2014


Tina Fey and Amy Poehler returned as hosts of the 71st Golden Globes after a successful run last year. The duo kept the show moving. Once again striking a balance between credible and comical, the jabs worked without going too far.

Movie Review: The Wolf of Wall Street


The abyss of excess takes entertaining to the extreme. “The Wolf of Wall Street” spirals with sins and sizzles with exuberance. There’s not a dull moment in the three-hour run. Scorsese directs it with revelry. Terence Winter (screenwriter) writes it unbridledly. DiCaprio lives it up like the king of the world and swaggers into a staggering performance. Deplorable, hysterical, phenomenal.

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