Calling all Photographers: Tips for Finding More Clients

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Whether you’ve been a photographer in San Diego for decades, or you’re just getting into the scene, there’s no question that you want to grow your client base. However, photography is a wildly competitive market, so finding new clients is easier said than done, right? Wrong! Keep reading to learn some tips for finding more photography clients.

Create a great website and social media presence

Your website and social media accounts are the two places potential clients are going to find your work. That said, it doesn’t matter if you’re an established photographer or not—you need a great website. Even if your site is as simple as a landing page, clients perceive the quality of your work based on the quality of your website and portfolio. In addition, you need a consistent social media presence. Clients often find their next photographer through social media searches and hashtags.

Know your ideal client

You can’t find new clients if you don’t know your ideal customer. Develop a buyer’s persona and do some research to understand how much people make buying decisions, what their interests and problems are, and how you can help. By knowing who to target, you’ll avoid wasting time marketing to everybody, when you could have better results by marketing to a smaller number of people.

Offer deals to attract new clients

Businesses often operate based on competition. To reiterate, photography is an extremely competitive market. One way you can win over your competitors’ clients is by offering them a deal for coming to you. Simply put, it’s better to have returning customers who pay a discounted rate than one-off customers who paid full price.

Upgrade your gear

If your gear is barely holding up, that’s not a great look for you as a professional. If anything, most people would probably call you a hobbyist. In other words, the quality of your gear says a lot about you as a professional photographer; even if clients don’t know the details of the gear, they can tell when gear is cheap. Additionally, your gear could hinder your creativity and progress. So, it may be wise to consider preparing your camera to sell so you can upgrade to a more suitable camera.

Clients want the most for their money and expect high-quality photos. We know you’re more than capable of producing great work; however, we could all use some improvement. These tips for finding more photography clients will help you take your photography business to the next level.

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