The Best Documentaries to Stream in 2020

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If you are the eternally curious person that loves to learn, then you’re likely to be a huge documentary fan. Living in the streaming age is the best thing to ever happen to documentaries, as it allows a near-limitless number of titles for you to delve into and explore. With the countless selections available, here are some that stand out amongst the rest. 

Homecoming: A Film By Beyoncé (2019) – Netflix

Beyoncé’s Coachella performance is without a doubt one of the most legendary music performances of the modern era. This documentary lets those who were unable to witness it in person to get a behind-the-scenes pass into the work put into pulling this amazing performance off. The film gives fans the unique chance in the singer’s personal life, including her surprise pregnancy and unexpected heartbreak as she prepares to pull-off the biggest performance of her career. 

American Factory (2019) – Netflix 

The first documentary to come from Obama’s production company, American Factory, tells the story of how the 2008 financial crisis affected the workers of a small Ohio town. To complicate matters further, it details how wealthy Chinese businessmen came into post-financial torn cities of America promising jobs but never delivering. It’s an eye-opening glimpse into the effects of consumerism in America, and how clashing cultures present immense obstacles for working-class Americans. 

Chasing Happiness (2019) – Amazon Prime 

In the early 2010s, the Jonas Brothers were one of America’s most popular bands, enjoying massive popularity with millions of Americans. Their massive success did not translate to happiness though, causing the band to break up much to the dismay of their fans. This film details how the brothers healed their relationships over the years, eventually making their triumphant return. Whether you like the Jonas Brothers or not, the film is amazing for anyone who enjoys seeing a raw and honest portrayal of reality and how happiness can’t be bought.

The Pharmacist (2020) – Netflix 

This four-part series is centered around a small-town pharmacist whose son was shot and killed in 1999 when buying drugs in New Orleans. After taking it upon himself to hunt down his son’s killer and bring him to justice, he quickly finds himself taking on the opioid epidemic that has plagued the country for so many years. In honor of his son, he embarks on a new mission: to prevent the same fate of others in this epidemic, all the while bringing the fight to Big Pharma. 

McMillions (2020) – HBO 

This documentary tells the bizarre story of fast food fraud perpetrated by a cop turned security auditor that fixed McDonald’s Monopoly game for a decade. As he stole millions and expanded his scam network to include a broad range of conspirators, the FBI becomes tuned in on this conspiracy, eventually bringing it to a crashing halt. The six-part series includes firsthand accounts from the agents, executives, lawyers, and culprits involved. 

Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez (2020) – Netflix 

This three-part series dissects the tragedy of Aaron Hernandez, the NFL star who fell from grace after a series of violent murders. He was charged and then acquitted of multiple murder charges, including the deaths of two men outside a Boston nightclub in 2012 and the death of his fiancée’s sister’s boyfriend. Five days after he was acquired in 2017, he hanged himself inside his prison cell. The series provides a fascinating insight into the mind of this former NFL star, and the destruction he left in his wake. 

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