New Sci-Fi show from Matrix creators and Netflix

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NetflixSquareNetflix and the creators of the Matrix, The Wachowski Brothers, have teamed up to create a new science-fiction thriller entitled Sense8.  Netflix has been getting more and more into original content creation as of late, and the success of one of their most popular shows, House of Cards, means they probably won’t be slowing down anytime soon.  Sense8’s first season will run for 10 episodes and is being jointly created by J. Michael Straczynski, the creator of the once popular show, Babylon 5.

“Andy and Lana Wachowski and Joe Straczynski are among the most imaginative writers and gifted visual storytellers of our time. Their incredible creations are favorites of Netflix members globally and we can’t wait to bring Sense8 to life,” said Ted Sarandos, Netflix’s chief content officer.

While there isn’t much info on the show just yet, we are promised a “gripping global tale of minds linked and souls hunted” and it will be available to Netflix subscribers to watch instantly in late 2014.  This is good for both content creators as well as consumers.  Many shows get passed up by the big industry execs for a wide variety of reasons.  Netflix is quickly becoming another major player in this field, content creators like working with Netflix because they are less controlling in what content they do and don’t want in a show, this is how they managed to snag House of Cards away from HBO.  We can also expect a similar release schedule as their previous shows, that is, all episodes are released simultaneously.  No waiting weekly for the next episode, people can watch it when and however quickly they want.

Marc Rosen, the producer of the show said, “Sense8 is a dream-come-true creatively, and we look forward to working closely with our new partners at Netflix, with whom we could not be more excited to bring the Wachowski’s first TV series ever to life.”

Netflix is the world’s lading Internet television network with over 33 million members in 40 different countries, and as it keeps adding more and more original content, we can expect those numbers to grow.

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