Most Underrated TV Shows You Need to Watch

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We all have our favorite television shows that we’ve fell for over the years. Chances are you can count Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, The Office, or Orange Is The New Black on your list of shows you watch. While those are all incredible shows that enjoy a massive following, there are a large number of lesser-known shows out there are that deserve just as much if not more attention from viewers. Here are some of the best underrated TV shows you simply can’t miss out on.

Peaky Blinders

This beautiful BBC produced drama follows a British crime family in the 1920’s, and their rise through the Birmingham underworld as history unfolds shortly after the first World War. The production value of this show truly shines, as the producers are truly able to transport you to the early 20th century. It is a gritty representation of the gang controlled criminal underworld that has yet to be touched by any modern technology. Cillian Murphy is cast as Thomas Shelby, head of the criminal organization known as the Peaky Blinders. With a phenomenal supporting cast, and some surprising familiar faces including Tom Hardy, you’ll be quickly sucked in. You can find all four seasons of the show available for streaming on Netflix.


This dark drama follows the Byrde family, with the head of the family, Marty, embroiled in money laundering with the Mexican cartel. After a falling out with his employer, he is forced to uproot his entire family and do what he can to survive amidst seemingly impossible demands from his criminal overlord. The show is an incredibly dark representation of trying to achieve the American dream, yet is masterfully infused with the blackest of comedy. Jason Bateman gives an incredible performance, and he even flexes his directing skills, as he directed the first 4 episodes of the series. The first season is available for streaming on Netflix.

The Last Man on Earth

A comedic departure from the previous two dark centered dramas above, this one will sure to gather some laughs from you. The show starts in the year 2022, when a catastrophic event occurs on Earth, which seemingly wipes out the population on the planet, leaving only former family man Phil Miller. Determined to find someone else out there, Miller travels across the country in search of companionship, only to not entirely like what he finds. Full of oddball humor, it achieves the level of being able to maintain an ominous overall theme while still making you laugh often. This show airs on Fox, and can be streamed via their online website.

The Shannara Chronicles

Adapted from the fantasy novels written by Terry Brooks, the show is set in a far off future where modern civilization has been eradicated, having been replaced by a world of fantasy creatures and magic. At the start, a portal is opened in the world, allowing an ancient race of demonic creatures to be unleashed once again to the world. Wil, Amberle, Eretria, and Allanon, the hero’s of the show, must embark on a quest to protect their world from falling to evil. The show is well-done in all aspects of what is sets out to be, and is a fun escape into a unique fantasy world unlike most other shows. The show is available for streaming on Netflix.

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