E!’s new spinoff WAGS Miami premiers Oct. 2

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WAGS on E!, a show about wives and girlfriends of athletes, graced us with its dramatic introduction last year. The show has proven through its two seasons that E! fans want more insight to the lives of these famous women.

Many of Hollywood’s hottest stars are married to professional athletes and WAGS has given everyone a taste of the WAG world and viewers want more.

Celebs like Ciara, Kristin Cavallari, Carrie Underwood and Gisele Bundchen are all a part of the WAG’s world. The show teaches the importance of women sticking together in the tough reality that athletes sometimes have to face.

E! introduced a new spinoff series called WAGS Miami which will showcase a new group of ladies who currently have relationships with the world’s best sports athletes.

Premiering this October, WAGS Miami will include Hencha Voigt, Claudia Sampedro, Metisha Schaefer, Vanessa Cole, Ashley Nicole Roberts, Darnell Nicole, and Astrid Bavaresco.

The new spinoff will allow us to step into the WAG world and give us a look at what it’s like to be married to an athlete in one of the most provocative cities in the world.

WAGS is truly a show for all viewers, and E! hit the nail on the head with the cast. Many people watch for the lifestyles of the women, and many watch to see their favorite athletes pop up now and then.

We all became addicted to the original WAGS crew which consisted of Natalie Halcro, Autumn Ajirotutu, Barbie Blank, Nicole Williams and many more. Let’s just hope WAGS Miami can live up to the drama we all love, that the original crew presented.

Premiering on October 2, at 10 p.m., you won’t want to miss what might be E!’s best spinoff yet. Take a look at the WAGS Miami promo below.



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