Biggest Loser finale reveals losers and Dancing with the Stars finale crowns a winner

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After months of hard work, the end has finally come and gone for contestants of two of the highest rated reality shows on television – the Biggest Loser and Dancing With The Stars.

On the Biggest Loser, we were reintroduced to each of this season’s contestants and were pleasantly surprised by all of them. In addition to this year’s contestants, last year’s biggest woman on campus (and biggest woman ever on the show), Shea, weighed in to determine her winnings. Last year Subway offered her $1000 for every pound lost. She lost over 50 pounds, leading way to a new challenge: if she and Jarrod from Subway can complete a marathon within the next year, they will double her winnings. We all wish Shea the best of luck.

In last week’s episode, Koli and Daris were below the yellow line and America had to decide who would go up against Mike and Ashley for the grand prize of $250,000.  After revealing their shocking transformations, both Daris and Koli awaited results.

(Spoiler Alert!)  Daris was chosen by American voters to remain in the game, leaving Koli eligible for the $100,000 at home prize.  After over 200 pounds lost (215 to be exact), Koli beat out Darrel (who narrowly beat pink team member Sherry) for the “at home” prize.  Koli seemed disappointed he didn’t win the grand prize, but his overall transformation is something he was surely proud of.

In one of the most dramatic weigh-ins of the season, the final three contestants got on the scale to see who would be crowned the Biggest Loser. Daris weighed in first (lost 178 pounds) and was soon beaten by Ashley who lost 183 pounds. Ashley began the season as the biggest woman on campus. It came down to Ashley and Michael, the biggest person ever to compete on the show. Starting at 526 pounds, Mike Ventrella lost over half of his weight (50.19% to be exact) and was awarded the grand prize. Much more meaningful in the grand scheme, however, is that he got his life back. To see what Michael looks like now, click here.

Across the airwaves, Dancing with the Stars also came to a close in a dramatic 3 hour finale episode. The show started with a big grand opening with many of the season’s contestants making a triumphant return to the stage. The show went on, allowing the final couples Nicole & Derek, Evan & Anna, and Erin & Maks to dance.

Nicole and Derek showed they were the picture of precision, making lifts look effortless despite their earlier slip ups. In what was surely a nerve wrenching set of performances, Nicole Sherzinger appeared strong and passionate.

In Evan and Anna’s first dance, Evan worked to improve on previous faults. He paid attention to judge’s comments and kept eye contact with Anna, avoiding looking down. Overall, they weren’t quite as strong as Nicole and Derek, but they recovered well.

In her solo, Erin managed to tie for first place, so it came down to the couples’ dance. It was apparent that Erin was nervous; the beginning of the number seemed to be missing something. The dance quickly heated up after the leap and spin and the remainder of the dance was good.

(Spoiler alert!)  Ultimately, it wasn’t quite good enough to compete with Nicole and Evan. She was eliminated, leaving the final two couples to dance one last time.

Nicole and Derek danced a jive and Evan and Anna danced a quickstep, both did wonderfully and showed off their strengths. This performance left Nicole and Derek with a perfect score of 30 and Evan and Anna with 28.

After the viewer’s votes were added into the judges combined scores, the winners of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season Ten were named. Nicole & Derek took the ultimate prize. In the end it was Nicole Sherzinger’s poise and beauty (not to mention killer dance ability) that gave her the win.

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