Bachelor in Paradise: Suspended

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Unfortunately, we have bad news to share. The new season of Bachelor in Paradise has been suspended due to the ABC’s awareness of several acts of misconduct that took place on set. Its fourth season started production in Mexico, and the show was supposed to premiere on August 8, but that is no longer the set plan.

Although there isn’t concrete evidence of what happened, there are certainly rumors stirring the pot. No surprise, the contestants who are in the limelight are Corinne Olympios and DeMario Jackson. Apparently, the pair got very passionate with one another while the cameras were rolling. Additionally, a third party was next to them and felt uncomfortable because of it.

Another rumor, which we are hoping is not true, attributed to sexual assault. According to TMZ, Olympios was too drunk to be going to bed with Jackson, but he made advancements on her regardless of the fact. Shockingly, the producers of the ABC reality series left the cameras rolling and justified this behavior.

Recently, the cast was spotted in an airport at Puerto Vallarta, looking happier than ever even with the alleged cause of the suspension. A fan made an Instagram post with the cast and we noticed two missing pieces: Olympios and Jackson were not seen in the picture.

That being said, Warner Bros officially stopped the screening and dismissed both Jackson and Olympios from the show to launch an investigation of the misconduct. When the investigation has been completed, the producers plan to restart the production of season 4 of the Bachelor in Paradise.

Although it is upsetting that production has stopped and the show won’t be coming out for longer, it is for the better. Hopefully, the producers of the Bachelor in Paradise will consider the personal lives of the contestants, rather than “good TV” in the future. SD Entertainer will keep you updated on the latest news regarding the Bachelor in Paradise.

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