Next World Cup: Russia and Qatar

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December 2 is a big day for soccer fans, and it will also be a memorable day for Russian and Qatari. FIFA announced to have Russia as the 2018 World Cup host and Qatar will be the host of  the 2022  tournament today in Zurich.

According to, Russia won over England, Spain-Portugal and Belgium-Netherlands. Althought Qatar will be the smallest nation to host the World Cup, they have a huge financial clout to stage the world’s biggest single-sport event. At last Qatar beat the United States in the final round of voting of  14-8. Some voters were concerned about the high heat in Qatar, the Qatari bid chief executive, Hassan al-Thawadi, insisted that heat is not and will not be an issue.

Recall from the World Cup in South Africa this year — it was a blast and everyone knows about Vuvuzuela now. It was also the first World Cup tournament in the African nation. For Russia, 2018 World Cup will be the first one in Eastern Europe, and also for a former Communist country. And for Qatar, it will be the first Middle Eastern Arab nation to host the World Cup and the first Muslim country.

This year’s experiences make up many “first experiences” for FIFA. As the biggest sports event in the world, we all know choosing the right venue for every World Cup is tough work. Since every World Cup can have enough power to bring a transformational change to a region, Russia and Qatar should be well prepared by 2018 and 2022.

For now, let’s wait and look forward to the Brazil 2014 World Cup.

Here is the video clip when FIFA President Sepp Blatter announced the 2018 World Cup host:

Also for the 2022 World Cup host:

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