World Cup Finals: Spain or Netherlands?

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Every four years an international phenomenon captivates viewers, whether soccer fans or not. It’s the World Cup, of course. This Sunday, July 11th, the world waits to see which country will the take the World Cup crown for their first time, Spain or the Netherlands.

In what could only be considered an epic game, the Netherlands snatched a victory against Uruguay in the semi-finals as Arjen Robben gave the dutch a 3-2 win. They celebrated their win by waiting to find out who their opponent would be after the Spain vs. Germany match. Anybody who watched the Spain-Germany match could tell you that Spain was out for blood from the start. Rarely ever losing control over the ball, Spain pressured the German goalkeeper an infinite amount of times, making them bound to score sooner or later. Thanks to Carles Puyol’s powerful header in the second half, Spain showed that all it takes is one goal to win a very important game.

Spain has been unarguably one of the, if not the, greatest soccer team in the world, having only lost two games in the last four years.  Spain will see their first World Cup final this Sunday against another one of soccer’s greats who have yet to see a championship after two losses in the World Cup finals, The Netherlands.

Spain’s defense will certainly be tested as they match up against an amazing offensive team. Each team, however, has their weaknesses and if their opponents can harness those weaknesses, there is no telling who will come out victorious.

In a dead even match, both teams will be playing against each other in the World Cup for the first time. Both teams are looking to create history, and no matter who wins someone will.

Photo from Shine 2010 – 2010 World Cup good news via Flickr

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