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Vine was a video-sharing social media app that allowed users to upload six-second videos that would be played on a loop. It was the launching ground for tons of great (and not so great) content creators, and developed a cult following around its fans. However, it was pulled offline in 2016 by Twitter, who owned the company at the time, citing a lack of revenue as the cause. This was met with wide criticism among its millions of users and creators.

vine Late last year, the co-creator of Vine, Dom Hofmann, shared an image on his Twitter that said “V2” signifying a rumor of the return of this beloved app. It was followed with another tweet of Hofmann saying “I’m going to work in a follow-up to Vine.” He continued on, saying “I’m funding it myself as an outside project.” The reaction to this news was nothing short of spectacular, as people around the world rejoiced at the news that their favorite video-sharing app was making a comeback. The tweet has since been retweeted over 400 thousand times, and has sparked considerable buzz among its former community.

While Hoffman tweeted the image of the “V2”, he wants it to be known that the successor to Vine will not be called “Vine 2”. This is to emphasize that while the new app will be very similar to the original Vine, it will not carry its original namesake due to not wanting any connections with its former owner, Twitter. Hoffman emphasized that the service is not owned or connected to Twitter in any way, which allows a greater overall creative reign for its developers who won’t be bogged down with corporate management worried about a return on investment.

As of now, there are no beta versions of the app yet, nor is there an official sign-up page. However, there is a bustling community present on a forum, where many people are discussing rumors about V2. It is also used as a message board for announcements for Hoffman and his team. Hoffman has hinted that the current forum accounts could potentially be used in relation to making an account when the app is released. Many people have created a forum account with their desired username, as it has been rumored that the forum account will allow you first choice in getting the account name they want.

V2 is reported to work quite similar to the original, save for a few exceptions. In an interview with Techcrunch, Hoffman said “Unlike Vine, V2 will be a bit stricter about copyrighted content and take down videos that include major record label music or movie scenes.” He also touched on how they will take measures to “prevent people from stealing and reposting each other’s videos,” which was a major problem in the original Vine.

Currently, the latest development is that V2 has set up an official Twitter page, so the excitement is building among those waiting to try it out. There are rumors of an official launch by mid-year, but no official launch date has been set as of yet.


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    Ali Colak

    February 12, 2018 at 10:54 am

    I dont think Vine 2 will have the same amount of success as Vine. There will be a lot of users that all sign up around the same time and make content. So again, content creators will overpower the viewers.
    My friend and I are developing an app to help talent discovery with a different approach. Taking the best of every social media and adding in hyperlocality, we want to be the talent incubator.
    Discovery of talent in 2018 is really difficult! Youtube has 450 plus hours of videos uploaded every minute. Instagram has millions photos and videos uploaded daily. The chance of new talent arising from the competition is very slim. Blankt, with hyperlocality and quality, seeks to allow discovery of talent. Users record a short 9 second video and post it. The Blankt algorithm does the rest. Your focus is mainly on making entertaining content.

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