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In a recent press conference Apple announced the surprising news that the iPad will be sold in Verizon Wireless stores around the nation beginning on October 28, 2010. The iPad released will have an optional MiFi device that can cost up to $130 alone. It also has a 1GB subscription data plan that will cost an additional $20 per month.

The MiFi device is a unique attachment in that it basically is a mini-router which allows up to four other devices, such as other iPads, to share a Wi-fi connection. This means that you and four of your buddies will have an internet connection that you all can share wherever you are.

This new announcement provides hope for people everywhere that still believe that Apple will eventually release its coveted iPhone for Verizon customers to access. Rumor has it that the iPhone will in fact be available for Verizon Wireless as soon as January of next year. The news that Verizon is releasing a 4G network next year makes the highly anticipated iPhone and Verizon union more enticing.

The iPad’s release should cause concern for Google and it’s Android brand as well as for AT&T. Up until now, AT&T has been the exclusive carrier for Apple’s brands which has accounted for most of the reasons consumers even use AT&T. Verizon is generally accepted to be the better service provider between the two and now that Verizon will also have the iPad, AT&T users may switch carriers. As for the Android phones, it was used to dominating the market for Verizon users because it was by far the most sophisticated smartphone available to Verizon customers. Now that Apple is in the picture, the Android may see a decline in sales with users preferring Apple’s devices over Android’s.

Either way, this exciting news is a win-win for consumers everywhere. It should be interesting to continue to see where this relationship between Apple and Verizon will go from here. Will Verizon rise high above AT&T in the war for customers? Is this a good move by Apple? What are your thoughts?

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