Tips to Avoid Weight Gain During the Holidays

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The holiday season is the ultimate challenge when it comes to sticking with your diet, thanks to a seemingly endless stream of yummy treats, family dinners, parties, and celebrations. It can be tough even for the most disciplined person, but it’s not impossible. To help you out, here are some tips that will help you stick to your healthy habits without sacrificing the fun of the holidays. 

Monitor your weight regularly 

It’s difficult to track your body’s changes if you don’t know what your weight is. Be sure to step on the scale at least twice a week to get an accurate measure of your weight, that way you’ll know immediately if you’ve been going overboard with the Christmas cookies. The best time to step on the scale is in the morning when your stomach is empty. 

Keep up with your exercise 

Just because it’s the holiday season doesn’t mean your exercise routine takes a vacation, too. Now is more important than ever to keep up with your regimen, so be sure that you’re still burning calories and getting your heart pumping however you can. Try getting a work out in during your morning so you can start your day with a bang. 

Eat before going to the party 

Christmas parties can be a serious exercise in self-control with all the desserts and calorie-dense foods laying around. To help yourself from going all out at the party, try eating a small meal before arriving. That way, you’re not starving and more tempted to make unhealthy eating decisions at the party. 

Set a goal to maintain your weight 

Having a clear weight goal set during the holiday season will provide you with a concrete number that can always be remembered. While you may not lose weight during the holidays, maintaining the progress you’ve already made is a great way to allow you to enjoy the festivities without feeling like you’ve squandered your progress. 

Limit your alcohol 

Alcohol goes hand-in-hand with making bad eating decisions as it lowers your inhibitions. The calories in an alcoholic drink also add up quickly over the course of a few hours. Try limiting your alcoholic drinks to low-calorie options, sipping on it over an hour or so. That way, you can stay in control of what you eat and you won’t be nursing a terrible hangover the next day. 

Keep desserts out of the house 

Hosting a holiday party can mean a mountain of sweets left at your house after your guests have left. These treats can serve as a major temptation, so it’s a good idea to send as much home as possible with guests. 

Have at least five servings of fruits and vegetables 

The majority of holiday-inspired food do not comprise of fruits and vegetables, so it’s important to be mindful of how much of it you’re eating every day. Try going for at least five servings of fruits and vegetables every day during the holidays. They are significantly more nutrient-dense, and can even be quite filling due to the volume.

Enjoy yourself! 

The holidays are meant to be enjoyed with the ones you love, so constantly worrying about making smart choices should not be a thing. It is entirely possible to leave behind the stress while still enjoying yourself and being mindful of the things you eat. In the end, the times you will remember are the ones you spent with friends and family, so live a little. 

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