Tila Tequila has a brain aneurysm and Kirk Cameron faces backlash after anti-gay remarks

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Tila Tequila’s brain aneurysm, drug overdose, & suicidal thoughts

TV personality Tila Tequila was taken to the hospital last week after her roommate called 911. There are many different accounts of what has been happening in Tequila’s life but according to the Huffington Post, she suffered a brain aneurysm.

A source came forward and told the Post that Tequila, in a confused response to the aneurysm, ingested different types of prescription drugs. The source reveals, “Tila threw up all over her bed after overdosing and felt like she was dying. She was screaming for help, and in desperation, broke her bedroom window and attempted to jump out.” Tequila’s friend had found her and was the one to call 911. Tequila, while out of the hospital, still isn’t fully recovered and reportedly cannot speak properly and may have permanent brain damage.

Tila Tequila became a household name after she was plucked from MySpace fame to star in her own MTV reality dating show. She also began a music career, focusing on dance club music, and while her videos were frequently shown on MTV, her music never quite gained the fan base needed to really succeed.

According to TMZ, Tequila has been suicidal for over a week and their source says that the overdose was no accident.  She never seemed to fully recover from the death of her fiancé, Casey Johnson, and that may be partly responsible for her erratic behavior and thoughts of suicide.

Tequila has also said that she has Dissociative Identity Disorder and that her MySpace page had been hacked be her alter ego, Jane. She described Jane as being “crazy” and someone who “always wants to kill me.”

Kirk Cameron faces backlash over anti-gay remarks

Kirk Cameron, best known for the family show “Growing Pains,” is facing a lot of public backlash after voicing anti-gay remarks during his interview with Piers Morgan on CNN on Friday. One of the comments about homosexuality Cameron made was, “I think that it’s unnatural, I think that it’s detrimental and ultimately destructive to so many foundations of civilization.”

A long-standing Christian activist, Cameron, 41, also spoke out against gay marriage and abortion. With so many people rising against his comments, Cameron made a statement on Monday, asking people to reflect the tolerance they are demanding from him, adding that he never intended on offending anyone. While apologetic for the pain he may have caused with his comments, he made sure to defend his right to make those comments without being accused of hate speech.

While many are angry with him, there are a lot of people who commend him for his honesty, finding themselves in the uncomfortable position of disagreeing with him but supporting his right to his own opinion and to free speech.

Hollywood is voicing their opinions as well, with some voicing their support of Cameron. Steven Baldwin tweeted on Saturday, “GREAT JOB Kirk!!! Let’s pray one day Piers Morgan finds true salvations, God Bless!”

In opposition, Tracey Gold, his former costar on “Growing Pains,” tweeted, “I am a strong supporter of the #LGBT Community, and I believe in equal rights for all. #NOH8 #LOVE.”

Lending humor to the situation is Alan Thicke, the father on “Growing Pains,” and openly gay actors Neil Patrick Harris and Jesse Tyler Ferguson.

Thicke references his time as the Seaver father by saying, “Survery says: Seaver opinions represent 100% of Americans, differences included. Just like a real family. But of course, ‘Father Knows Best!”

“The only unnatural thing about me being gay is that I had a crush on Kirk Cameron until about 24 hours ago,” jokes Ferguson.

And finally, Harris only had this to say, “That Kirk Cameron is hilarious!”

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