The Rise Of Artificial Intelligence

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Within the past decade, major advancements have been made in the field of artificial intelligence. The majority of smartphone owners carry around a form of artificial intelligence in their pockets every day. No longer an abstract concept in the far future, artificial intelligence is becoming more common and more widely used. However, there are certain aspects of AI that have grown to be the cause of concern among scientists and academics. With a limitless potential to be a majorly beneficial force in the modern world, there are still many things we need to be cautious about in our pursuit for true AI.

Researchers have all come to agree that in the pursuit on researching AI, that safety should be absolutely paramount. This is due to a number of reasons. Many scientists believe that a super intelligent AI would fail to exhibit basic human, including love and hate. In terms of a military artificial intelligence, if the main reason it exists is to be a weapon, then if it becomes out of control, the AI could cause massive amounts of destruction. In order for it not to be easily disabled by enemies, the AI would be designed to be hard to turn off, therefore making it difficult to protect against a destructive AI. Another scenario would be if an AI is designed to do something beneficial, but the AI decides to go about that task in a destructive manner. It is difficult to design an AI to do what we want in a humane manner, which can result in dangerous outcomes.

Despite these dangers, there are astounding positives that AI can bring to mankind. With AI, we can eliminate the need to conduct repetitive tasks, which can free up time and energy for human staffers.This can result in more time to spend on higher-effort activities. Another benefit would the diminished need for screen to display vast amounts of information. A when talking to an AI, it would be as if you were talking to a highly knowledgeable individual. We already have something like this in our smartphones and other smart devices. Siri and Google Voice are both forms of artificial intelligence that we communicate with on a daily basis. From here on out, they only will become more realistic and useful.

One of the most exciting aspects of AI that can potentially save millions of lives us using AI in medicine. There are already AI systems that are used in hospitals the help better diagnose cancer patients. Watson, an AI developed by IBM, is being used with success to save patients lives and help doctors tailor a specialized refinement of medicine. Doctors will be able to input a patient’s medical history into an AI system, and will be able to best ascertain what treatment will work best for them.

With a long list of benefits that could bring about massive change to mankind, AI is something we should continue to cautiously explore. Though the dangers of AI could pose a potential threat to us, it has the potential to position impact all of our lives.

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