Single? Treat Yourself this Single’s Awareness Day

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With Valentines Day just one day away, there are plenty of single people who breathe a collective sigh for this overrated holiday. Who really needs to have a romantic day when you can just treat yourself to a good time? Single’s Awareness Day is a humorous holiday that gives single people a special day of their own, with it occurring the day after Valentines Day. So for those single people out there, take this day (or any day) for yourself and use these ideas to treat yourself accordingly.

Quality Drinks

No other day calls for the consumption of some good alcohol like Single’s Awareness Day. This could be a great time to hit a local bar with some of your friends, and enjoy the freedom of your romantic life. You could even go grab a nice bottle of wine or some a 6-pick of some craft beer, and enjoy the night in with your favorite show on Netflix.

Cocktails at Trust Restaurant, San Diego

Guys’/Girls’ Night Out

Wallowing in self-pity is only for those who don’t want to embrace the status of being single, so why not go out and have a night on the town? This could mean going mini-golfing, going shopping, or even heading to the theatre to catch a movie. The possibilities are endless, and the amount of fun you can have is only limited by your willingness to get out there and make new memories!

Classes to Learn a New Skill

If you’ve been wanting to pick up a new skill, then Single’s Awareness Day is the perfect day to do so. There are plenty of classes that focus on all sorts of things, including cooking, painting, fitness, or anything else you can think of. You’ll be taking advantage of building yourself up, and making yourself a better you.

Give Gifts to Other Single Friends

Assuming you’re not the unlucky single friend in a group full of couples, Single’s Awareness Day can be a great time to give gifts to your single friends. You could organize a gift exchange or even do an anti-Valentines Day theme that will really show your distaste for the holiday.

Get a Massage

This is a perfect way to indulge yourself, and you can take satisfaction that you’ll be spending considerably less than what couples are spending for their special couples massage packages. Plus, who doesn’t love a good massage? While you’re at it, get a manicure, pedicure or facial too – why not?

Take a Friend or Family Member Out to Dinner

Just because you’re single doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy a nice dinner with someone. It might even be better, considering you’ll be skipping the long lines that bring out all of the couples the day before.

Don’t Do Anything

Just because this a holiday that is made for people who want some recognition because they can’t celebrate Valentine’s Day, doesn’t mean you have to recognize Singles Awareness Day. You can do any of these activities on any other day of your life if you want to, you don’t need a special day to do so. Whatever you choose, just be sure you’re happy.

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