San Diego’s 15 second fireworks show

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If you are like many others yesterday, for the Fourth of July, you enjoyed your morning and early afternoon in whatever fashion you like best. Maybe you have traditions that pull family in from far across the county and state, or maybe you set out this year to do something new and fun.

Whatever you did, if any of your plans were to head out to the Big Bay Boom over the San Diego bay you probably fared heavy traffic and nearly impossible parking. Then you, and seemingly everyone else in San Diego, toted your lawn chairs or blankets to the waterside and set up camp for a few hours while you waited for the fireworks, an american favorite for saying happy birthday to the USA on her 236th birthday.

When the sun had set and the breeze was setting in just enough to remind you that you should have brought another jacket, 9:00 p.m. struck… so did the first match. Unfortunately for San Diego spectators there were some technical problems and all five launch points, while still perfectly syncronized as usual, shot off all their rockets at once.

THE WALRUS 105.7FM radio that usually plays along with the entire show talked us through the event as it ended 17 minutes earlier than expected. If you were looking for a show, while it was a lot shorter than you may have wanted, you sure got it. The sky was ablaze for those 15 seconds and the sound reverberated through your chest as you stared in wonder at the sky of twirling fire. It was definitely a show to remember, and it left us a little dazed but still just as inspired as always. We came for some explosions, and this year we got a big one. We can at least be thankful that we had the privilege to enjoy them, as all across Colorado this year fireworks were canceled in respect for those affected by the widespread wildfires.

As of now there is still no reason for the mistake available on the official Big Bay Boom website, but they assure us they are diligently looking for answers. On another note, San Diego didn’t quite hit the record for most fireworks launched in less than 30 seconds. According to Guinness world records the most fireworks launched at one time was in Cebu, in the Phillippines on May 8, 2010. During that show all 125,801 were launched within 17 seconds from eight different locations. I bet they scared a few more fish than we did.

Check out a video of the event:


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