Samsung’s Folding Phone is Breaking for Some Early Reviewers

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Samsung’s highly anticipated folding phone sold out rather quickly when orders opened up several days ago. Samsung sent out early review units to prominent people in the tech world, and so far, the reaction has been met with some serious issues concerning the devices foldable screen.

Mark Gurman, a reviewer with Bloomberg, said his review unit “is completely broken and unusable after just two days in.” The phone ships out with a protective film on the screen, which is easily mistaken as being one that is removed upon using the phone. However, it seems that this protective film is an essential part of the phone, and if removed, will render the screen useless.

Another reviewer with The Verge reported their early unit had a “small bulge” in the screen hinge, which caused the screen to break after opening it. Other reviewers have reported a constant flickering screen, only one side of the screen working, or just complete blackness throughout the screen.

A spokesperson with Samsung said in a statement that the company is aware of the reports of these defective devices, and that the company will be “thoroughly inspecting these units in person to determine the cause of the matter.”

The spokesperson was also quick to point out that some of the devices malfunctioned due to the protective top of the screen being removed. “Removing the protective layer of adding adhesive to the main display may cause damage,” the spokesperson said. “We will ensure this information is clearly delivered to our customers.”

This isn’t the first time Samsung has dealt with its devices malfunctioning. Back in 2016, Samsung released its Galaxy Note 7, which ended up being recalled on a mass basis after reports of batteries overheating and eventually exploding. The phones were eventually banned from being carried on airplanes, due to the risk they posed if the battery exploded.

As for the Galaxy Fold, the phone will be made available on AT&T and TMobile starting April 26 for those who did not participate in the pre-sale on Samsung’s website. The phone consists of a 4.6-inch front display that can open up into a 7.3-inch tablet. The Galaxy Fold will be one of the most expensive on the market, with a cost of $1980.

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