Rock Star Rick Springfield Gets Busted for DUI

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Rick Springfield, the Australian Rock Star was arrested last Sunday night after being suspected of driving while intoxicated. He was released Monday morning on $5,000 bail.

He was stopped by police around 8pm Sunday night.  Reportedly he was pulled over because he was speeding in his 1963 Corvette on Pacific Coast Highway.  The police then tested his blood-alcohol content and his test results were .10 percent, above the .08 mark.  Springfield will have a courtroom date in Malibu on July 5.

This musician/actor is best known for a variety of albums that span three to four decades as well as his acting career in the T.V series, General Hospital, High Tide, and Human Target.

His hit albums include: Beginnings (1972), Comic Book Heroes (1973), Wait for Night (1976), Working Class Dog (1981), Success Hasn’t Spoiled Me (1982), Hard to Hold (1984), Sahara Snow (1997), The Day After Yesterday (2005), Who Killed Rock-n-Roll (2008), Venus in Overdrive (2008), Jet (2009) and lots of others.

He has released close to 25 albums, if not more. Springfield’s first band was Rock House where the band got a gig in Vietnam when the war conflict was at its highest. After the band disbanded, after a short time together, he found himself joining Zoot, a vastly popular Australian teen band.

According to his fan site, the years with Zoot allowed Rick to “hone his songwriting and performance tactics” that his fans love so much. He ended up leaving the group for his own solo performance. He is most known for his hit, “Jessie’s Girl” that became a huge 80’s music and movie sensation. Despite his success, he had periodic moments of depression throughout his life that have taken him a few years to heal and recuperate from. At age 61 he is still rocking it with more music albums and he still tours in concerts.

Photos from Kelvin Geis and Adam Bielawski via Wikipedia Commons.


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