Paula Deen Admits To Having Type 2 Diabetes

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Paula Deen, known for her appearances and food expertise on the Food Network, told the public recently of her diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes.

Fox News stated, “Deen has Type 2 diabetes and takes Victoza, a once-daily noninsulin injection. The website links to promotional materials for the drug.” The chef star had known about her condition for about three years before she decided to reveal it out to the public.

A Novo Nordisk spokeswoman stated that Deen wanted her diagnosis hidden until she could find something to offer those with her diagnosis to help and advice. Deen, in her appearance on NBC’s “Today” show Tuesday, said, “I wanted to bring something to the table when I came forward.”

That form of help and advice she brings forward is a new Diabetes 2 help program, called Diabetes in a New Light. According to Fox News, Paula Deen is teaming with drug maker Novo Nordisk to launch a program that aims to help people live with Type 2 diabetes and promote a Novo diabetes drug.”  Deen signed the multi-million dollar deal with Nordisk last week. The new program will feature a site that will help make life with Type 2 Diabetes easier by giving helpful guidance on food preparation, stress managing, and also helping them find the right treatment plan with their doctors.

Through the site and her recipes Deen will  be doing a lot more lighter cooking. Her sons, Bobby and Jamie Deen, will be happy about that. Her sons are co-owners of the family restaurant, The Lady and Sons, in Savannah, Georgia. They are also more known for having a healthier cooking style than their mom. According to the NY Post, “In the first recipe posted on the site, Bobby and Jamie are pictured helping their mother cook a lighter version of their restaurant’s signature lasagna, made with extra-lean beef and whole-wheat noodles.”

Guess this southern-fried chef will have to change her cooking style around for the better.

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