Pacific Beach Has Been Hit by The Reality Fad

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Yes, you heard right, Pacific Beach has become the new breeding grounds for the latest reality show- PB Reality. With shows like Laguna Beach and The Hills, it only seems appropriate that the next stop would be San Diego!  Like most the of the reality shows out there, PB Reality will feed any reality junkies craving for drama, partying, and beautiful people.

The premise of the show is based on the lifestyle of a man named Jim Lawlor. At first glance, he seems to have it all; money, beautiful girls, and a never ending life of partying. You would never think that Jim came from a low-income and moved to San Diego with only the money in his pockets, and his dream of making it big.

After years of painting houses to make some cash, living in a local vacant Pacific Office, and working on his invention, he finally hit the jackpot when his invention was recognized. Once his inventions-spray painting goggles- was picked up, he was able to finally live the lifestyle he always dreamed of. Thus, the “PB Millionaire” was born.

SDEntertainer had a chance to speak to Jim Lawlor about the show and what viewers can expect, “Viewers can expect a behind the scenes making of the PB Girls Calendar, lifestyle in PB, and the lives of his attractive assistants.” After speaking with Lawlor, San Diego can expect everything from girl fights to random humanitarian acts.

Not only will the show bring you a taste of drama, but also a look into one man’s heart that only wants to help those in need. While talking to Lawlor, the Entertainer found that him and his assistants often make routine trips around Pacific Beach to visit the local homeless community.

“We have created something called a ‘homeless survival kit’ that contains all the non-perishable goods that someone would need to survive,” Lawlor said after being asked what he does to help his community and those in need. Lawlor prides himself on showing random acts of kindness.

Now, we don’t want to give it all away at once! So make sure to catch an exclusive advanced screening at Moondoggies in Pacific Beach on September 30th and judge for yourself. There will be drink speacials flowing throughout the night. The cast and crew will be there to celebrate with viewers.

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